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Livy - January 14

I am 19 weeks & I had my first case of awful heartburn last night. I am afraid to take anything. Any suggestions? i am in pain


lyns - January 14

well alls i can say is that its going to get worse during your pregnancy. It helps if u try to stay away from spicy foods as this can trigger it off. If it gets worse see your doctor , im sure there is somethin that u can take but not actually to sure what it is. good luck.


lilmama - January 15

rolaids and tums are ok to take


trancy - January 17

I was watching this t.v. show & they show tips threw-out the show. Well they said if u having hartburn that lemon drops &/or peppermints help. So try that & see if it helps you. Good luck!!


Sara - January 30

Try eating small meals frequently and avoid laying down after eating and right before bed.. Also dont drink too much OJ!! I have been an OJ junkie but u will pay for it later


Jessica - January 31

I have had terrible heartburn since the beginning of my pregnancy. My doctors told me that most of the over the counter antiacids are okay to take, like tums, pepto bismo, milanta, and my personal favorite pepcid ac. They make the swallow pills where you just take one before you eat and it controls the heartburn for 12 hours. It surprisingly works really well and I am able to sleep. I actually have a prescription of Reglan for when it is severe, but pepcid ac seems to work most of the time for me. Ask your doctor about taking an antiacid and you will soon find some much needed relief.


Anne - February 1

My doctor said Tums are Ok and a great source of calcium. I would try that before Pepto because Pepto contains salicylic acid, which is a no-no during pregnancy. www.safefetus.com has good info on various drugs.


jennifer - November 1

Well...lately i've had terrible chest pressure and pain all day long but gets worse at night, when i get it, i can't breathe or talk and i get nauseous. I can't seem to think that it's heartburn OR indigestion but my doctor says it is and that it's also anxiety and she suggested taking pepcid AC once a day before eating a meal. also try eating about 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones,okay? It worked for me!!!



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