I Think That My Boyfriend

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Rainbowbrite - September 21

Is getting my pregnancy hormones. I swear he is more moody than he has ever been and i don't feel any different in terms of like mood swings. I feel pretty content all the time... anyone else have this problem? Don't get me wrong and i love him dearly but sometimes he gets upset over things and inside i feel like "ARE YOU SERIOUS"? and he always ends up feeling bad and the last time he did it, he felt so bad because he knew it was uncalled for that he actually got teary eyed and told me he was sad and how i didnt deserve it and he was sorry... so i know once he calms down he is sorry, but it is like he got my hormones! Is that possible??? LOL


Rainbowbrite - September 21

I also wanted to add that i know it isn't because he is like s_x deprived because our s_x life hasn't stopped yet... it isn't the 6-7 times a week we were doing it but still like 3-5 times a week... lol.. so i know that isn't it... and i know work has been very stressful on him lately so maybe that is part of it too... lol.. i kind of think it is funny though!


sarah21 - September 21

Lol, that is pretty funny that your boyfriend is being so moody. My husband has been about the same, but he is so even-tempered anyway. Sometimes it gets annoying because he doesn't get upset over ANYTHING. But your boyfriend is probably feeling the stress over becoming a father, and work being more stressful, and just doesn't know how to handle it. Hopefully he evens out a bit. :)


Rainbowbrite - September 21

I mean it is sad... i feel bad for him.. but the fact that i can say i think he has gotten my pregnancy hormones just makes me laugh. he usually is a pretty cool guy until something really gets under his skin which is usually hard to do... he is usually pretty funny and loves to play around and he still does just little things though sometimes get to him and it is sad. I'm sure it is stress... and i know work has been very hard on him lately... so i don't take it to heart... but it usually is nice the day after he was upset because then he is EXTRA lovey dovey to me!!! so it kinda evens out!


corbin289 - September 21

It must be sympathy hormones :) With my first my dh put on like 20lbs and this time he seems to have some of the same complaints as me like lower back hurts and is very tired all the time. I tell him its sympathy pains. I have been stuffy this week and guess what now he's got that :)



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