Not So Little Kicks

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Rachel - February 2

I'm 24 weeks pregnant, and I really think I'm farther along than they're telling me. I don't remember getting kicked in the ribs and being able to see kicks from the outside at 24 weeks with my first, it seems like it was a LOT later. Has anybody been told they were so far along, then turned out to be farther? Is that common?


Allisonc79 - February 2

I know the feeling, my fundal height is at my belly b___ton but I am 16 weeks according to the original scan I had at 8 weeks. But they say at 16 weeks the fundal height is normally around 3 inches below the belly b___ton. I just have a feeling I'm a little further than that.


aaaaaaaaaa - February 3

I could see kicks from the outside at 24 weeks... first pregnancy, and didnt feel ANYTHING until 22 weeks!


Val - February 3

I'm 23w6d and seeing kicks from the outside. I'm pretty positive about the conception date. I keep reading that seeing/feeling kicks can have something to do with where your placenta is - if it's in the front, you might not see kicks on your belly as early. I didn't really start to feel anything definite until about week 20. This is my first pregnancy.


starlight_94 - February 3

I was seeing kicks at 19 weeks from the outside, and they were pretty strong too. thought that I was further along, but turns out that I am still prego and being induced tomorrow( YEA) I think every pregnant woman thinks they are farther if they dont know EXACTLY when they concieved....most likely the drs are right, b/c the first u/s is normally the best way to tell!! Good luck!


sarahd - February 3

I started seeing kicks from the outside around 21 weeks, and this is my first (I'm now 22w6d). I am measuring right on track though...


Rachel - February 3

I know I'm probably not, its just wishful thinking cuz I'm super excited lol!



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