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ashley_1991 - June 25

i know last tyme i was on here piczo was thebig thing just wonderin if any one has it cuz i do ?


jeni23 - June 25

I dont have my own,but all the mommies on the month I was due made one together,it was great,we put our due dates and showed our growing bellies and when we delivered together,it was wonderful!!!


ashley_1991 - June 25

thats soo cool :P


ashley_1991 - June 25

my piczo is our-precious-family dot piczo dot com


mrsherzog - June 27

Ashley, Even though I don't msn, out of curiousity I checked out your piczo... You're a beautiful girl and I just wanted to say that if addys mommy thinks your "fat" and "ugly" I would love to see her. Boy, the way she talked about you I was truly expecting to see a nasy woman. She has so got to get over herself! I sure hope she didn't give you a complex!


TraceyC - June 27

i agree with Mrsherzog, you are neither fat or ugly, and you have a gorgeous son. i've read all the c___p on the teen forum and it's absolutely disgusting, i just don't bother posting as they wouldn't take any notice anyway.


ashley_1991 - June 28

HAHA well thank you both, my baby boy is the most gorgeous person ive ever seen :D lol cant wait to see what this one looks like


Teddyfinch - June 28

ashley: your baby is the cutest thing!!! my favorite pic is of him in his "big boi bed" ... well almost in it lol. i loved that! **mrsherzog** just so you know, i have seen addy's pic and she's not fat or ugly either. some people just talk mess. you have to grow up past that. if ashley is over it, then you have no choice because she's the only one that should be upset by it.


ashley_1991 - June 29

HAHA lol thank you :D he is def. the cutest baby ive ever seen ;) he actually sleeps IN the bed now LOL took us a while but we got there do you have msn Teddy??


ashley_1991 - June 29

lol n yeah im over it, a lil forum drama comes n goes :D always has always will



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