Please Help Worried

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worried - March 20

i had been feeling alot of cramping(like a dull ache)and flutters every now and then,but the last couple of days nothing,is this normal at 18 weeks?


Bria - March 22

Wow! I'm 18 weeks and I am having the same feeling, but no one really responded to this question. I am going to call my Doc to see if they can hear the baby's heartbeat and I also prayed. I know my baby's okay! This is my first pregnancy.


Claire - March 22

Please let me know if you hear from your doc, as I'm 28 weeks and have the same thing and I'm very worried.... thanks ill let you guys know too, when i hear of something Good Luck to all !


Leahp - March 22

Hi ladies! Most likely the flutters are your baby moving and the dull aching is still probably a result of your uterus and ligaments adjusting to less space!! If it makes you feel any better about the Heart beat, I rented a doppler off of this web site everytime I hear a story or freak myself out about drinking too much caffeine one day, I just wait a day and find the heart beat and just enjoy laying there knowing that my little bambino is still beating away!!


Denise - March 22

Worried, I had the same cramping when I was 18 weeks. I am now 23 weeks. When I called my doctor, they said that it is your ligaments growing. She also told me to up my water intake to 10 8oz gla__ses a day instead of my 8. She said sometime you will start to cramp because the baby needs more water and you don;t have enough in your system. You are probably okay though. Just a normal prego thing.


BBK - March 22

Ladies, as long as there is no spotting, cramping is normal. Your uterus will be expanding, and the dull pain is to be expected as part of that process. Congratulations and good luck


worried - March 24

is it normal to not feel anything for a week or so though? and thanks for your replies.



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