Question About Fetal Movement 17 Weeks 2nd Child

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HannahBaby - May 7

Hi i just have a quick question for all you 2nd timers out there. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feel a few flutters everyday. I felt my first "kick" with my first at 19 weeks, so i should be feeling one soon hopefully...just getting a little nervous.....


CKSAN - May 7

This is my second. With my first, I first felt flutters at 14 weeks and he never stoped moving. He's nearly 3 and still has not stopped moving!!! This time around I was getting nervous b/c I wasn't sure if I was feeling the baby or not. I would feel some things weeks 15-17 but not sure whether it was gas or the baby. This week I felt a movement for sure. I am feeling them about 2 times a day, but they are NOT kicks for sure. I think that we have a different personality this time around. I guess all of those kiddos are different!!


HannahBaby - May 7

how far along are you??


ThePezChick - May 7

I went to a specialist last Friday. I expressed concerns that some women on this forum reported that they felt movement at 14-15 weeks. At the time I was 17 weeks and didn't think I had felt anything, although I do have strange sensations I'm not sure about. My doctor said women DO NOT feel their babies that early, that they're just confusing gas with movement. Movement, by his report, isn't felt until 18 and usually 20 weeks. Like I said, I feel "something" but I'm not concerned yet that I'm not positive it's my son moving. I will admit that I just ordered one of the dopplers though... just to ease my mind since I teach children with special needs and my job is so physical.


Evonna - May 7

Since you are 17 weeks Hannah, you will definitely start to feel your baby soon. I felt my baby flutters/quickening at 16-17 weeks and explained to my doctor where it was located, and he said it was definitely the baby for sure. So yours may be coming! = ]


CKSAN - May 7

HannahBaby, I am 18 weeks 3 days. The movements I felt with my son early on were for sure movements tough. They felt nothing like gas bubles. They were actual touches on the inside. When I had the ulstrasound with him at 20 weeks, the tech commented on how active he was. This time is just completely different. Man, I wish I had a dopplar too, but I would probably drive myselft crazy with it and panic if I couldn't find the heartbeat...


HannahBaby - May 7

I have a doppler at home so I know that the baby is ok. I just thought that i would be feeling some more positive movement by now. i do feel flutters everyday. Who knows, sometimes the placenta is in the front, and it really all depends on babys position. Thanks girls


rachelh - May 7

I can honestly say that I felt movement with my first at 13 weeks. I am now pregnant with my second at 20 weeks and I started feeling it around the same time. The PezChick - It annoys me how a MALE doctor can tell a woman what they are feeling in pregnancy! I know the difference between a flutter and gas. And i have to disagree with him.


HannahBaby - May 7

My dr is a female and also said that is impossible to feel movement at 13 weeks.


Been There - May 7

It trips me out how you're going along not pregnant without gas down there. Then, when you're pregnant and the baby gets around 13-14 weeks, some feel movement in a place they've never felt gas before, in a way they've never felt gas before, yet the doctor will still try to b__w it off as gas. What are the chances that now that you're pregnant, gas is all of the sudden right where you're uterus and baby are? And then you won't even feel that gas again until, let's see, you're pregnant again. Some doctors really get me with their downplay of things. They blame everything on gas. They even say that a baby can't smile in the first few days or weeks, which makes absolutely no sense. Especially since through all their studies they say babies make faces in the womb, taste things in the womb and even go through crying motions. So why imply they cannot smile and they are only experiencing gas, not an emotion. That's so stupid. Sorry, totally different subject now, but it just gets to me how some doctors don't make sense.


Evonna - May 7

I feel you on that Been There.


HannahBaby - May 7

i never realized until i felt movement with my first baby how much gas bubbles and the flutters do feel exactly alike. To me the baby is just too small to feel anything at 13 weeks but hey, anything is possible. im not saying its not real. I have been feeling flutters for about a week and am ready for some punches and kicks!!


charliepaulchloe - May 8

hi all, to me im happy thinking that i have felt movements and its not just gas, its something we all wait for so if we're happy thinking thats what we felt stuff the rest of them.
Im almost 17wks with my second and im HUGE ppl say i look about 6months gone, ive been feeling movements since about 14wks and now and then u can actually see the kick, i think this baby is gonna be big like its father (my first was born at 6lb 2oz), the midwife even felt a kick last wk so ur defo feeling it.xx


HannahBaby - May 8

you must be one of those rare cases because at 16 weeks my dr was listening to heartbeat and baby was kicking away and she says "do you feel that??" and im like No, she laughs and says "o man are you going to have your hands full."


Leilani14 - May 8

this is my first and I started to feel first flutters at 13 weeks and then real kicks around 15 weeks. I have a fibroid very low and it pushes my uterus way up, so I think that that enabled me to feel my baby early on. I also think that it all depends how is your baby positioned and where the placenta is attached.


Kim L - May 8

Every doctor says something different. My doctor (a woman, coincedentally, who has been pregnant before) says that feeling the baby move anywhere between 14 and 22 weeks is normal. It's a huge range! And I'm with charlie - what's the harm in thinking it's your baby anyway? Who cares whether it's gas or not and who can know FOR SURE? Let's just be content "feeling" our babies and anticipating them in our arms in a few months!!!!!!!!


HannahBaby - May 8

Kim, its not that i dont want to think that its the baby, i want to KNOW that its the baby. Besides the heartbeat (thank god i have a doppler) movement is really the only way to know that baby is ok. Id rather know for sure than humor myself by thinking its the baby and not gas. Also, their are times where im like "oo the baby just moved" and then let out a big f@rt 2 seconds later.....leading me to believe that was definatly not the baby. Im just getting a little worried because i felt Big kicks with Hannah at 18-20 weeks. Im 17w3d and have only felt one or two flutters a day. Thats all :o) i know that the placenta could be positioned out front of the baby is facing the wrong way. I was just trying to get an accurate consenus.....and no offense but i dont think 13 weeks is accurate.



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