cblack - April 5

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 4 week checkup. We did a doppler (first time) and it took him a while to find the heartbeat...he kept going lower and lower on my abdomen, and finally found a great heartbeat of 142bpm. Last appointment and the one before the heartbeat was 122bpm. I am just wondering though if it is okay that the baby is so low. The doctor said..."wow this baby is riding low". I didnt think of it at the time, but now I am wondering if this is okay or not? Should I be worried that the baby is so low and the heartbeat has gone up? He said that usually the heartbeat in the beginning is fairly high then gets lower and mine is the opposite. Just curious what some of you may think. Also, I am 14wk 3days. Thanks!


kimberly - April 5

140's is completely normal heart rate. I wouldn't worry about that at all. I am not sure about baby being low, but I carried both of my boys really low so I suppose that is normal too.


c_baer19 - April 5

I wouldn't worry about either, my baby's was in the 150s at first and has been in the 140s since then - anything from 120-160 bpm is normal. It took the doctor awhile to find mine too when I was around where you are (13/14 weeks), she almost had to call in the ultrasound because she couldn't find it at first! The baby was just hanging out and hiding in my pelvis, so she just had to move lower and angle down. That's probably what happened with you, you're not too far along yet and the baby is probably still hiding behind your pelvic bone.


c_baer19 - April 5

Oh and one more thing, at my Level II u/s at almost 21 weeks, the baby was STILL hanging out way down there and hiding a little bit, so it's not abnormal. =)


cblack - April 5

Thanks so much kim and c_baer, I also called my mom at lunch and she said when my sister was pregnant she carried really low too. Maybe its something hereditary, or maybe my baby just likes to play hide-and-seek a little bit. Could be a preview of things to come...lol ;) a mischevious one!


Allisonc79 - April 6

Mine was always 140, but yesterday the nurse got 150 and I'm 25 weeks. Mine went up!



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