Sex Of Baby Question

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sarahbaby11 - July 2

i'll be 15 weeks tomorrow and go for another ultrasound. what are the chances that the doctor can tell the s_x of the baby.


mandee25 - July 2

It all depends on the position of the baby and I am not sure they can tell the s_x at that early stage but I could be wrong.


alwaysamber - July 2

They didn't check for me until I was 21 weeks along. It was a LONG wait..:)


Aviendha416 - July 2

Not as long a wait as those of us who choose to be surprised and find out when the little one decides to make it's entrance into the world. 8-)


HannahBaby - July 2

my hospital wont even check until 18 weeks


AmandaManns - July 3

My friend found out at 16 weeks, they were not doing an ultrasound for that reason, but it was a boy and it was very obvious.


Kira_lynn - July 3

I was 13 weeks and had a 1 1/2 hour u/s..due to a sleeping baby (IPS screening) and the tech said shes 70% sure its a boy, I'm pretty sure it is too..everything looked really developed..but i'll wait for my 19weeks before i start buying blue.. I guess if ur baby isnt boucing around like nuts (usually what he/she does) you have a chance!


venus_in_scorpio - July 3

theyre more likely to tell you its a girl at that stage in pregnancy, if they'll even attempt it. When I went at 14 weeks they said its possibly a girl because textbook fetuses have s_x organs developed by then but that not every thing happens the way it does in the books and that it may still be a boy. Theyre looking again at 3:00 today, I'm 20 weeks exactly... Icant wait.


littlemama1022 - July 4

I found out what I was having when I was 16 weeks and a few days along...They said girl and it was very clear what we were seeing..>Then I had another ultrasound at 18 weeks, it was a girl again..and again at 22 weeks-girl....So it's more than likely a girl or a boy that is hiding his parts!



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