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maria - April 10 12:23am

Hi- i;ve noticed peeling of skin only on my stomach- has anyone had/have this? I have dry skin with this weather but it can be flakey- not peeling like I had been out in the sun (which I have not been).. please share

Tara - April 11 2:26pm

I've had some peeling in general in that area.. not sure if it's normal since it's my first but I do put lotion on now..

Mandy - April 13 3:52pm

I have noticed peeling on my chest and upper b___sts just like you's flaky like a sunburn. This is also my first so I'm not sure if it's normal or not.

andie - April 13 10:56pm

Me too! All over my chest down to my belly and hips! I am 21 weeks now. I did notice that it happened once I ran out of the otion I was using. I was using a very greasy cocoa b___ter lotion, but it kept my skin absolutely perfect! Then I switched to a different kind to avoid the grease and now I am flaking! I am going back to the old style almost pure cocoa b___ter, I would much rather do that and keep my skin from drying so much that it keeps flaking and maybe getting stretch marks. It is only 4 more months for me with agreasy belly

Keisha - April 13 11:04pm

I had the same problem,my doctor suggested using a lotion without a strong scent...I use cocoa b___ter

Heather - April 14 5:26pm

try olay quench its new. Its so good!!!!! extremely moisturising


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