Slight Pink Discharge After Strained Bowel Movement

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Twins - March 14

I am in my 16th week and have been quite constipated. After a slightly strained movement, I noticed some pink vag discharge. Has anyone every had this happen or know what could be the cause..


Phoebe - March 14

Twins... I've never heard of this... When last did you go for your doctor visit.? Maybe you can make one, just to be on the safe side... and try some of the constipation remedys like tons of water, fruits... etc.. I would be afraid to strain on the toilet in fear that someone would fly out.


Maggie - March 17

I had this same problem. In fact, I even used to have this same problem occasionally before I got pregnant. I called and talked to my nurse about it. Since the bleeding was very, very faint and had completely disappeared by the next morning, she thought I was probably fine. I didn't have any cramping or anything either. My doctor prescribed me some prenatal vitamins containing stool softener, and I've been drinking more water. Now I don't have any straining incidents. Things are moving right along! I hear that BMs will only get more difficult the further along you get, so anything your doctor can advise to help is a good idea. I would call you nurse or doc- couldn't hurt to ask about it!


heather - January 29

this is a rude answer. how can you try "too hard" too poop?!! Hello? It has to come out so you have to push it out. Twins, this just happened to me and so you're not alone. I went to ER and everything seems to be fine. Just take a stool softener daily to reduce the probabiliity of straining again. Get checked out if you want peace of mind like me. Good luck.


Keli - January 29

I try to eat fresh green spinach when I am constipated. It seems to keep me regular. Or McDonalds fries always CLEARS ME OUT! lol



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