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krissy79 - July 15

hi ladies...I posted this under the general pregnancy questions as well, but I'm wandering if I should be talking to my cousin. She smoked with her first 2 children and they turned out fine, but continues to smoke with her third. Could this be fatal to her child and I should be telling her that? Anyone else smoke through their pregnancy? She said lots of others do???


Joelle - July 15

Yeah same as my sister her kid came out fine... But think about it everytime you smoke your child stops breathing i say NOT GOOD and just cuz thier kids came out fine you dont wanna take the chance... i say cut down to one or two a day or STOP if you can.


christa0120 - July 15

it is not fatal to the baby. What it CAN do is cause low birth weight and an increased risk of asthma. Many many many people who are alive today were born to smoking parents...myself included. They even used to recommend coffee and cigarettes to pregnant mothers to relieve constipation. I am not saying that smoking is good, but the world will not end if she smokes.


venus_in_scorpio - July 16

how much does she smoke? the risks to the baby directly correlate to ho much you smoke, according to my OB. does she at least try to keep it under a half a pack a day?


Aviendha416 - July 16

If there was ever a time to kick the habit, being pregnant IS the time. My mother smoked like a chimney through both of her pregnancies. My mother's sisters did not. Both me and my brother have p__s poor eyesite and sinus problems from the constant exposure in the house and cars. None of my cousins wear gla__ses or have any eyesight problems whatsoever nor do they have sinus problems. I blame that on my mother to this very day. I've also told her she's paying for my lazer vision correction. 8-P.. There is no better excuse to rid yourself of the cancer sticks than being with child. I'm hoping my mom, who has the onset of emphezema, will find having her first grandchild kept away from her home reason enough to kick her habit.


Celia - July 16

Besides all the risk factors of what might could happen to the unborn child, look at what we know does happen, the baby get's addicted to nicotine when a woman smokes and the baby will go through withdrawal after birth. What kind of woman can say it's too hard for her to quit but will put their newborn baby through all the pain of withdrawals?


krissy79 - July 17

I wasn't looking to point fingers or put forth judgement....I guess its her choice! Even though its not good for baby....she has cut I guess thats


mandie - July 17

Celia, good point! I get tired of hearing how it's too hard, but then you're right, they're making their babies do the hard work of quitting (and they don't get a choice!) Lots of things are hard. How about the women who have never had to watch what they eat before, and now are on a healthy diet for 9 months? Most people can't even stick to a diet for 2 weeks! Or the women who get gestational diabetes? They don't have a choice in the matter of watching their diet. I know that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things in the world to do, but if someone is going to be a mom, number one rule is YOUR CHILD'S NEEDS COME FIRST!!! Make sacrifices. Too bad if it's hard. Labor is hard, too. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong with any pregnancy. If there is something you can prevent, why would you not do whatever it takes? Why take any unneccisary risks??? Yeah, there's a chance that the kid will be fine, but why risk it? I'm sorry you have severe asthma, honey, but it was just too hard for mommy to quit smoking, so you'll just have to pay the consequences for my choices. And Aviendha416, I agree with you too. My mom is going to have a rude awaking when she only gets to see her first grandchild in my home, because I won't bring my son into her poison filled house.


AshleyB - July 17

Basically it has to do with priorities. The baby shouldn't have to suffer because mom can't get her priorities straight. I smoked a pack a day for 10years. I'm 18wks now, I haven't had a cigarette since I was about 7wks. My hubby has quit too. There are lots of excuses to not quit and lots of people that didn't and had healthy babies, but everyone knows it's wrong to smoke while you're pg, so why not just suck it up and do the right thing by quitting. There are lots of studies that prove that many children whose mother's smoked while pg will not suffer the consequences till later in life. They are more prone to get b___st cancer and other forms of cancer and also have a much higher chance of having ADHD or ADD or other learning impairments and asthma. So alot of those women that say "oh, I smoked the whole time and my baby is 6mo's old and healthy as a horse, just don't know it yet, but there may be consequences later. I think you should let your friend read this post and hopefully she'll do her own research and do the right thing for her innocent baby. Good luck and good luck to her too.


AshleyB - July 17

Oh, and one more thing. When I was 6wks and still smoking, my doc told me that every time I take in a puff it's like someone has a hold of the baby's neck and is squeezing, becuase of the lack of oxygen the baby gets when you smoke, that really made me quit.


Angiconda - July 17

I dont agree with it but my sister smoked through both her pregnancies and both kids are fine. I know a lot of people do it but I guess I would just feel so gulity I quit right when I found out my childs well being is more importent then me getting some nicotine, thats just my opinion.


jue - July 18

I smoked with my first 2 pregnancy's, and my sons are now 14yrs and 17yrs and they are very healthy, they were 7lb 2 1/2 oz and 8lb 6oz. I am now preg with my 3rd and as long as it is under 10lb I wont mind. I am still smoking and have been told it causes low birth weight, if that is the case then I dread to think what weight my sons would have been lol. my mom smoked when she was preg with me and my 2 brothers and sister and non of us had problems. my gran also smoked when preg with her 2 pregnancy's and had no problems. if you can quit then great it is better for you.


sahmof3 - July 18

I saw an actual video showing the baby and umbilical cord. Evertime the mother inhaled the smoke, the umbilical cord shut off blood, oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Yes, it's the body's way of protecting the baby, but at that cost...


Emma2 - July 18

I know tons of people ..who smoke during the enitre pregnancues and all the babies are healthy, normal size and doing fine. Its bad for everyone to smoke period! but there is no actual proof that is causes the babies to be smaller.....They say it "CAN" or " MAY".......But she should def. cut down to a couple a day if she cant quit altogether.


frankschick2001 - July 18

I am sure that she knows the risks she is posing to her unborn baby. I'm afraid that anything you say will be viewed as judgemental and may end up in an argument. If you have a way to approach her without having it turn inot a big fight, then go ahead and talk to her. I cannot see how a woman in this day and age is unaware of the dangers of smoking while pregnant. So I am sure she knows all the things you want to tell her. Apparently she is being a selfish person and doesn't care what the risks are. And one more thing, babies can come out fine, meaning all of their vital signs are great and they appear to be perfectly healthy but smoking can have major effects on the things we cannot see right away and develop years down the line. Learning impairments, onset of asthma and otehr respiratory problems. The list is pretty long. SO just because a 6 month old baby appears to be fine, doesn't mean he is.


scarlett - July 21

It is better to stop. I'm a smoker too but I havent smoked since the day I found out I'm pregnant. I don't want to risk anything. It's VERY POSSIBLE to stop. It's just a matter of wanting to do it or not.



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