Super Thirsty

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Sam - October 24

Anyone else unbelievably thirsty? I can't seem to get enough water. Is it something I should ask my doctor about? (I'm 25 weeks.)


Kathleen - October 24

I find myself getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink. I just always have a large gla__s of ice water by my bed at night. I don't know if it means anything's wrong...we're just thirsty!!!


Tamara - October 24

You should mention it to your dr forsure...but it's likely normal. We need more fluids since baby gets some too and they live in fluids that need to be replenished quite often. But tell your dr just in case. Goodluck!


Hanna - October 26

I have never been this thirsty in my life! I wake up at night too so I can drink something. I have my next appointment this Thursday and I'm definitely going to ask about this. I think it is alright though. What Tamara said, our babies need fluids too! That's what it must be for.


Christi - October 26

Its normal....I do it too. Up every few hours in the night to get a drink. During the day my mouth gets so dry... I constanly drink something. Try drinking milk... sometimes it fills up your belly so you wont be as thirsty.


Kerry - October 27

I get very thirsty too - sometimes I wake up and before I'm fully concious, I forget that I'm pregnant and think that it's a hangover instead !


Hanna - October 27

I asked about my midwife about this business of being thirsty all the time and she wasn't worried because it is quite a normal thing in pregnancy, but just to be on the safe side she wants my blood to be checked out as it can be a sign of pregnancy diabetes (hope I translated this correctly, I am Dutch and am not sure of the correct English term for it). Anyway, I am having my blood checked tomorrow. So, do tell your doctor about your thirst, ok? It's probably nothing, but you never know.



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