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AMY - October 19



Ashley - October 19

We're also due 4/6 and have no idea when to have the shower or start to decorate sinceit's our first. I think we'll start to decorate soon since we keep acculating stuff already; it makes since to get the nursery ready to put the stuff in it as we get it. I hope someone throws me a shower and I don't have to worry about making decisions except for the registry.


K - October 19

I am due 04/02 and think that I will start decorating the nursery when I know the gender of the baby. Which should be in a few weeks (currently 16 weeks). I am thikning about having the shower like one of the first weekends in February so that I'm not to the point where I am feeling miserable and am able to enjoy my shower!


Heather - October 19

I am due Apr. 12 and will begin to decorate the nursury as soon as we find out what we are having, which I am hoping will be the week of thanks giving. I think my baby shower will probably be in the beginning of feb.


Em - October 19

I am due 4/23, and we don't know when the shower will be either... we've already started a bit of decorating here and there, but I think we'll get gung-ho once we get past Christmas and have more stuff to put in there...I'm going to let my friends take the lead on the long as it's not too late, I'm alright with it.


val - October 19

I'm due 4/15....we are going to start setting up the baby's room as we acc_mulate stuff, we aren't doing a theme or anything like that. My friend is planning on throwing my shower sometime around the last part of february to the beginning of march.


kristina - October 21

i was wondering the same thing ..i ask alot of people at work.i wouldnt want to have the baby shower to late so i can go get what i need after beby shower and get the room having company in december so i was thinking at the end of january im going to get the room started ... the border up the closet organized it is used as aspare bedroom now all oour junk goes in that room wierd to think in 61/2 month itll be a baby room im gonna be a mom


Tamisha - October 22

I'm with the rest of you. I'm not going to begin buying things until after I know the s_x, which will be on the 8th. I am due 4/3 and my mom is throwing my shower..I was thinking around the 15th, that weekend, by then I will be at 32 weeks, can't wait to get all the goodies!



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