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Martha2007 - March 20 4:09pm

Hello, Please some one help. I have been vomiting and have stomach ache since a day (14 hours). Whatever I eat it is coming out with in an hour. I am suspecting it could be some stomach virus. I went to some kids party in the weekend. I am scared if it hurts the baby. I am going to keep my stomach empty and eat some toast tonight and hope it gets better. I am also going to take rest for a day or two. Could any one suggest if I should try anything else in the mean time as I have appt with dr in 2 days(on 3/22/2007). Nurse suggested to take some lemon/ginger ale). thanks. I will check baby HB with doppler as soon as I go home.

Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 20 4:19pm

Yeah, if you can't keep food down just drink that or also eat crackers. That should help with the throwing up...Also i read that if you have stomach problems Coke is a good thing to drink and it helps you out alot

kimberly - March 21 5:04pm

I was throwing up last week too. My boys had it before me. It is absolutely no fun at all. Just try to keep liquids down, the baby won't starve. Key is to try and keep hydrated, good old chicken soup worked for me once the throwing up had settled a bit.

suze42 - March 21 10:48pm

Martha, there is alot of that stomach flu going around...supposedly 12-48 hrs may be feeling better already.
Dont worry about not eating for a few can handle that fine.
Just be sure to stay hydrated. if you are peeing really yellow or darker or your eyes/skin become sallow then call your doc...eating ice chips sometimes stays down better than anything. Then ease bland foods such as banannas, bread, apple sauce..back into your diet slowly.
Hang in there!!! Your baby will be fine..really..just take care of you.

wailing - March 22 2:17am

Martha---There were alot of us on here who got the stomach flu. It's awful. I'm sorry u are going thru it. The only thing u can do is eat very bland food. Toast, bananas, and rice. For Dehydration, my Dr. said to drink Pedialyte. It's really sweet so I added water but it helps keep ur fluid level up which is most impt. If the diarreah or vomitting gets REALLY bad w/ cramping I would call the Dr.

BeccaC - March 22 9:12pm

I had the stomach virus THEN the flu when I was about 6 weeks pg and I was terrified. As long as your fever doesn't go past 101 you should be ok. Like everyone said, keep hydrated! And, I know you can't take anything while pg (I missed my NYQUIL!!!) so the worst part is suffering thru it - It'll get better....I promise =)

Martha2007 - March 23 9:30am

hello all, thanks. I am feeling better now after 36 hours. I took light food as suggested here. Thanks. I had also seen doctor yesterday and she said everything lokks good. I ate some raw sprouts before this happened and that caused me some indigestion I think. Now I am back to my normal food.


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