Week 17th Roll Call From Mary

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Mary - May 24

Hi! I do not have many news this week but one: I am starting to feel better! I am sooooo happy I am not so sick anymore! I have even gained weight in the last couple of days! I also bought a pregnancy pillow and will let you know how it works for me when I get it. I hope you are all doing good, as well as your babies! Have a great week and enjoy!


Kim E - May 24

Hi Mary, it's so good to hear that you are feeling better. I am feeling well, too, just extremely tired still. My work schedule has me going all day and so I rarely get to even sit unless I am driving to a sales call. I live in Southern CA so you can imagine that I actually wind up spending a good many hours in the car each day. I had my Level II u/s yesterday but I'll be going back in 4 weeks for another since they did not get all of the measurments they needed. Everything looks good, though, and we chose not to find out the s_x even though we likely could have yesterday. I'll be out of town next week and so I'll catch up with you in week 19, if not next week. Enjoy!


Dallia - May 24

Hi Mary. I am 18 weeks now and finally starting to look and feel pregnant, I am really loving it. I get the hugest smile on my face when feel my little bean move around. I am going fro my structural scan on Friday but I am living in Fiji at the moment and I don't think I will be getting a good enough look to see what s_x it is , but you never know I may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of ultrasound here. My sister -in-law lives in Australia and all here scans said a girl and then out popped a boy, so unless I actually see a p___s I am not banking on anything.


lisa - May 25

hi mary sorry i dont get to post every week....sometimes it is hard to get it on the site. anyway....still have some sickness....i have my us on june 16th and cant wait to find out what it is.



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