What Do Boy Parts Look Like On Ultrasound

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citrouille - May 25

Hi everyone, I have a problem. I didn't want to know the s_x of the baby so we didn't ask but during the ultrasound I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of what looked like boy parts. Is it possible that it would be that obvious that my inexperienced eyes would see it?
For those of you that are having boys and saw that on the u/s what did you see? Was it obvious to you?
Thanks so much for your help!


SE - May 25

I saw my sister's ultrasound photos. Her boy had his legs spread apart. You could see the calf, knee, thigh, then at the top you could pretty clearly see the bumps of the two t______es and a p___s hanging down. It looked more like a group of three b___s, though (doesn't a boy swell because of the estrogen or something like that?). I'm trying very hard right now to look at the photo as if I didn't know what it was. I'm not entirely sure I would have recognized it on my own. The other leg kind of fades out so I'm not sure I would have even identified the legs to begin with. So there's a very indefinite answer for you!


citrouille - May 25

SE, thanks for your reply! True that I can't be sure. I asked some other people and it is true that the best way i can describe what I saw is something that looked like a turtle!


SE - May 25

Congratulations on your baby turtle! Be careful with b___stfeeding if it's a snapping turtle! :) If you ask my husband if he hopes it is a boy or a girl, he'll say he hopes it is a puppy.


citrouille - May 25

hehe.. oh well either way i'm happy! I won't know for sure until the little guy or girl is born!


Cherry - May 25

Citrouille, It's a boy!!! My ultrasound had a turtle too. Congrats


Eurowoman - May 25

Just had an u/s done today at 15 weeks...and my OB-Gyn took a snapshot of the baby from the bottom and I saw this pair of small round things (t______es) and then a bit on the side I saw this little p___s sticking out! That was so cool to see. Yes, I'm having a boy!


citrouille - May 25

that's what it looked like to me! it was a bum shot from behind.. could see its legs and between its legs a little something extra ;)
Congrats eurowoman on your boy!


Stephanie - May 25

That's so funny I had my u/s yesterday and I was gonna say we are having a BOY and it looked like a turtle! You may view it on stephsfam.piczo.com later on tonight (thats when I will download them)


citrouille - May 25

ok thanks Stephanie i'll have a look and compare when you upload the pic! I had a look at the ca__sette of my ultrasound again and am pretty convinced that it's a boy.


Dallia - May 25

I am having my 18-20 week scan tomorrow so i will look out for a turtle. I live in fiji so I am not sure what the ultra sound equipement is like and if it will be clear enough to see but unless I actually see a p___s I will not be convinced as my sister-in-law in australia saw a girl every scan and out popped a boy!!


SE - May 25

Citrouille, what do you mean that you looked at your ca__sette? You have the whole thing recorded, not just still photos? Does that have anything to do with the 4D technology? I want the really cool ultrasound but I'm guessing I might have to pay more than my insurance will cover. Has anyone done that?


Dallia - May 25

I had an u/s at 13 weeks in Sydney and they put it on a tape for me to watch my little bean play around in there. I think some of the newer machines can burn in onto disc but I am not expecting anything like that at my scan tomorrow


rae - May 25

They said I'm having a boy but we couldn't tell the boys part from the legs. I wish I could help you but I keep looking at the picture with a arrow pointing at it but I still can't make it out.


Nick - May 25

I am having a boy. She gave me a picture with an arrow pointing to the p___s. I could not see anything, but now that I look at it again, it does kind of resemble a turtle.


citrouille - May 26

It was just an ordinary ultrasound but the doctor recorded it for us. Apparently this isn't done everywhere..
I was tempted by the 4D ultrasounds too but then I heard that having too many u/s isn't good for the baby so I've decided not to.



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