When Does Your Hair Begin To Thicken If Ever

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Nikki822 - June 30

I was just wondering when your hair starts to thicken , I am hoping my does although I know you lose it after the baby anyway.. I was just hoping to get some nice healthy new growth durning this pregnancy ..lol . I am just going into my 2nd trimester and no change yet


SuzieQ - June 30

I'm not sure it really thickens - it's just that you don't get as much hair loss as usual. Although I've also read that it gets much glossier and healthy looking too (must be the proper diet!). I'm 26 wks and haven't noticed much change in my hair except it feels healthy :)


snugglybugglys - July 1

My new hairs are starting to grow in now, I'm 14.5 weeks. By time you have your baby you will have thick beautiful hair! :) By your 3rd trimester is when you will notice it, that's how it is for me.


krc - July 1

every woman is different. My hair didn't change one bit. My nails got real strong but then went back to being brittle before I entered my 3rd trimester.


ThePezChick - July 1

I'm a little over 26 weeks and haven't noticed a change in my hair at all. My hair is really long... down to my rear... and it appears to be exactly the same as pre-pregnancy.


Nikki822 - July 2

thanks guys.. I was just wondering because evryone always tell me that they love there hair whaen they are pregnant ??? I know that the time between your hair shedding slows down so it is supposed to thicken from normal sheeding not happening as ofter but after the baby it is supposed to go back to its normal cycle of shedding in which all your hair will feel as though it falling out ! this is what I have heard?? I am not sure how true it is.. I guess everyone is different


NURSEJ - July 26

hell my hair not only has thickened but got longer too. i think the prenatal vitamins have a lot to do with it but iam really impressed.



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