When Is Your 20 Week Level 2 U S

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Marie6549 - February 27

I just thought that it would be a good idea to have a thread where we all knew when eachothers 20 week / level 2 u/s were. I love finding out the s_xes of all these babies we are carrying and keep losing track of which threads to go in and thought it would be really handy to just have one for all those that want to know. We already have a DS4 so would be lovely to have a girl, but don't mind either way. Mine is in 10 days, so the 9th March and we hopefully will be finding out the s_x, well if they cooperate....lol!


Mommy1 - February 27

Hi there! Our 20w u/s appt is on March 5th -- can't wait to see the little one again!! I've been feeling it move for a few weeks now and would really like to see how much it's grown. My DH really doesn't want to find out the s_x...but I do!! So I told him for the rest of the pregnancy I will refer to the baby as a "she"!! (I really want a girl) It's already starting to bother him that I do that...we'll see if he cracks at the appointment on Monday!!


jen327 - February 27

Hi there, my 20 scan is March 27th, BUT I had a 16 week scan last week because I had been having some bleeding and ITS A BOY!!!! No foolin it was right there, smack in our face! He was not shy. Anyway, the detail is amazing, if anyone wanted to see the picture for a 16 week baby here it is jennifer.oriley.net/Pictures/Sean_Patrick_16weeks_021907.jpg Oh, and his name is going to be Sean Patrick!


Martha2007 - February 27

Hi Marie, Mine is on the same day as yours. March 9th at 10:30 am. At what time is yours appt? I will be 19W 4days by March 9th, I hope we can find the s_x that day. Waiting is killing me. this is our first..


kelley - February 27

Hi Marie, my u/s is on the 12th of March, I will be 19w1d. We have not seen the baby since just over 7 weeks so I too am very excited to see how it has grown, and to find out what we are having since we already have 2 girls. I guess I do not really care what is it as long as it is healthy.


c_baer19 - February 27

Mine is also the 9th of March - seems so far away!! We will also be finding out the s_x, as long as the little one cooperates. =) Oh, and I'll be almost 21 weeks - 20 weeks, 5 days.


c_baer19 - February 27

Martha, mine is not until 3:00 PM, you are so lucky to have an AM appointment!


jodsil - February 27

We had ours at 18w 4d on Feb 21 but have to go back for the face because baby was camera shy the whole time. We found out we were having a boy.


Marie6549 - February 27

Hi Jen, your pics are so cute! I can't wait for mine! Martha, mine is at 11:20am so not too far behind you. Are you from the US or UK? I'm in the UK so think were about 5 hours ahead. It's so weird getting used to the time difference. I check in after taking DS to school around 9:30am and these's hardly anyone around as it's around 4:30am in the US so I find it quite hard being on line at the right time if you know what I mean? The waiting is killing me too. I will be 21 weeks exactly when I have my u/s and can't wait to go out on a shopping spree after we find out. My son is being so cute though, whenever we see baby clothes hes as bad as me 'ah mummy look at this, the baby HAS to have it' Love the fact that hes totally on my wave length and have told DH that it will be Jamie (our son) twisting my arm to buy the things.....yer right like I need to be encouraged! lol!


Marie6549 - February 27

Also do any of you have any 'feelings' what s_x this baby will be? With DS I was convinced he was a girl and even bought pink and lilac blankets....lol! How wrong was I? This time I am more reserved as I got quite upset last time that he was in my body and I didn't even know what s_x he was. I edge more towards a girl again this time, but I think thats because I would love a girl so I have one of each and can't wait to buy all the pink and frills (which I swore I would never do!) But then again I love my son to death and another mini him would be so cute and they could rough eachother up. I guess what im trying to say is that I have no clue really and honestly don't mind. Me and DH had been ttc for 4 years and the whole time had our names picked out. Because we conceived Jamie on christmas day, if he was a girl he was going to be called Holly and that name has stuck ever since. But if we have a boy then we are naming him Alfie, no other reason other than I love it! Really thought that once I got pregnant I would change my mind and so far I haven't....


Amanda18 - February 27

March 6th and I'll be 19w2d. Does anyone keep referring to s/he as a certain gender? I keep calling it (o i hate that word) a boy. "Oh he's moving around in there" " I cannot figure out what to name him" etc. If it's a girl I'm going to feel really bad.


Martha2007 - February 27

Hi Marie, I am in USA Eastern Standard time. I feel mine will be a girl. Lets see. DH wants a boy and I like girls anyway. counting days. I pray just for everything to be healthy and normal.


kvilendrer - February 27

I find out next Friday (March 9th) and I will be 17w3d. I can't wait to find out! I already have a little boy, so I'm hoping for a girl.


Shortie_red - February 27

Hi everyone, I just had my 20 week ultra-sound last week on 2/22/07. I found out that I am having a baby girl. She was weighing in at 12.1 ounces and very active. Her name is Daja Kristina Haynes. Her daddy is so excited since his family is famous for a lot of boys, I think we just broke the family trend. I will be having another ultra-sound on 3/1/07 by my regular obgyn. I am looking forward to that one also, this time I will get her on tape. Her due date is July 12, but I think she may come a little earlier than that. Good luck on your u/s.


jodie - February 27

Hello! We had ours on the 20th of this month and found out its a little girl. We have a DS 15months so we were thrilled to be having a girl!! This preg has been way different on many levels so I kind of had a hunch it may have been a girl.


lailadab - February 27

hi there i had my u/s early at 16w 3d on 2/6/07 and it's a BOY!!! we r very excited since we already have a little girl.... jen327..... how did the u/s go and why were you bleeding?


jen327 - February 28

lailadab, I loved the u/s it was so cool to see my peanut squirming around. I even wanted to drink some cola before the u/s but our appt was 8 am and I totally forgot! And since It was 16 weeks I wasn't sure if they could see anything. But little man was not shy at all about showing off his manly hood! As for the bleeding, I have what is called an SCH Subchorionic Hematoma. It is a small blood clot or tear on the placenta by the uterine wall. I was on bed rest for 5 weeks and was just freeded last Monday. Since the baby is so much bigger then the 2 cm tear they feel the risk is almost as a normal pregnancy. About 20% of women bleed and most are caused by this SCH but people don't know about them either because they can't see them on u/s or they don't actually bleed or their doctors don't worry and don't send them for an u/s. Anyway, by 28 weeks they hope it will be absorbed by my body. If not i do have a higher risk of pre-term labor. So I get level two u/s every month. And Marie, as for the gender disappointment, I am sad to say I had that at first. I have 1 son and really wanted a girl, i was so sure I too bought a pink dress and blanket. When I first found out I was thrilled to know I was having a son, but there was son sadness and disappointment I was not going to have all my dreams of a baby girl and daughter to fulfill through her life. I did alot of reading and understood it was a real occurrence and to talk about it was best and it was fairly common, two of my friends experienced the same thing. So not it has been a week, and I am not sad or disappointed at all. I would say it took about 3 days to really get over the disappointment. But now I am over it and thrilled my little guy is joining the world. I also believe I must just be meant to raise boys! So if anyone feels a big of sadness don't be afraid to talk about it, again mine was not over my son, it was over the dreams I had of having a daughter that I had to grieve over and am glad I did!



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