When To Sign Up For Child Birth Classes

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drea - April 21

when are you supposed to sign up for child birth classes. my doctor hasn't mentioned anything about it. i will be 19 weeks tomorrow. thanks


Jacque - April 21

Right about now is when you should schedule them. They fill up rather quickly. Your Dr. will mention it around 5-6 months, but will expect you already looked into them.


drea - April 21

thanks, I'll start looking into it.


DWilson924 - April 21

It's not a bad idea to sign up now. I know in my case the hopsital I am delivering at only offered 3 sets of cla__ses around my due date. The first set was in March. The next in June and the last in August. Well March is too early and August is to late (I'm due July 27) so I had to have the June cla__s. So I signed up fairly early to make sure my husband and I got in without a problem. Not to mention the day of my first appointment my doctor told me she will not be taking vacation this summer because she has a lot of people due in June, July and August so that meant I was going to have to "compete" with them because they'd also most likely be going to that June cla__s also. I'd look into it and see what dates they offer and if you can find one close to your due date, it can't hurt to sign up now for it.


amyn - April 21

I just called my hospital and signed up, I'm only 15 weeks and I signed up for the August cla__s, the lady said you should sign up now cause the cla__s is filling up fast. I say call now and sign up.


Susan W - April 21

You don't have to take childbirth cla__ses at the hospital. There may be childbirth educators in your area, and I found that much more conveinent to use and got better information than the one given by the hospital. The educator asked me what I wanted to know and what type of birth I had in mind and tailored the private cla__s for us and our needs. Our insurance company paid for it too. So if the cla__ses are full, all may not be lost. Check at doctor's offices for flyers, call a midwife's office, check online or in the phone book, or ask friends in your area for childbirth educators.


Tanya2 - April 21

You should sign up soon, sometimes they get booked. Try to sign up for when you are about 8 months. You don't want to go too early, you'll forget stuff. I live in Canada and over here they offer a 7 week course, one night a week or a crash weekend course. I took the 7 week one with my last pregnancy, because i heard the weekend one is just too much info at one shot. Good luck with it.


Ca__sie06 - April 21

I am 24 weeks. I called yesterday and the hospital is sending me info about the cla__s. They said I will start in June. (I am due August 8th)


jenrodel - April 22

I am 16 weeks, due on October 4th. I signed up for cla__ses a couple weeks ago. I was originaly going to register for a series that spanned over 10 weeks or so, but decided to take a few day long cla__ses instead. I scheduled them for the end of August / first week of September. I figured that way I wouldn't forget what I learned by the time the baby comes! Also, by registering early, I was able to pick from a lot of different dates / days of the week instead of having to take what was available.



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