When Will The Father Be Able To Feel The Baby Kick

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LL - March 28

This is my second pregnancy but my first child will be turning 12 in May so I've forgotten so much since my first pregnancy. I've been able to feel the baby kick since about 18 weeks; I'm 22 weeks and 4 days now. My boyfriend constantly wants to feel the baby kick and I have him put his hand on my belly when I feel the baby kicking but he can’t seem to feel it yet. He said he thought he felt it one time but wasn’t sure. Does anyone know when they can usually begin feeling the kicks also?


JESS1980 - March 28

I am almost 19 weeks, and I have been feeling the baby kick since about 17 weeks. The kicks have been getting progressively stronger. Last night I was laying in bed with my husband and the baby started kicking a lot. So, I took his hand and firmly placed it on my abdomen. After a minute or so, there was a strong kick and he said he could feel it. He felt it a couple more times after that. This was the first time he was able to feel it though.


Revel - March 28

i am 23 weeks pregnant and been feeling my baby since 15 weeks and i always try to help my hubby feel the baby but he swears he cant but whne i put my hand on my tummy i can feel it so i dunno


EricaG - March 28

My husband has been able to feel the baby's kicks since 18 weeks. I was feeling them for a week before that. I found out, however, that the reason I can feel the kicks so well is that my placenta is in the back, not the front. Yours may be in the front, keeping him from feeling it so early.


mommy2jayden - March 28

i am 26 weeks now and my fiance has been able to feel the baby kicking for about 4-6 weeks now...we can also watch the baby kick me...don't worry he should be able to feel him soon


Jenny A - March 29

My fiance felt the baby kick when I was about 22 weeks, but I had to push his hand down on my abdomen a bit. I'm 24 weeks now and my fiance just has to place his hand on my abdomen and he can feel the baby move.


Chrissythefairy - March 31

Wow you guys are getting my excited im 16 weeks and im reading you feeling the baby kick from 18-19 weeks that means im getting close. i cant wait for my fiance to be able to feel the baby. Im already experincing the flutters



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