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Mommosita - August 11

I first discovered this website 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. This was a happening place with tons of posters, and it there was a real sense of community. I only stopped visiting the site when I my son got older, and I got too busy chasing a toddler to be a part of the online family I found here. Now I’ve come back, because I’m expecting again, and I’m wondering, what happened? There doesn’t seem to be as many active people on here, and with the exception of the tons of “am-I-pregnant-please-help!” type of posts, there is very little interaction. I keep coming back each day, looking for new content, and there isn’t any, and posts I’ve made go unanswered. Have sites like Facebook and Myspace taken over? I mean, are pregnant women talking to their friends about their pregnant problems instead? Is there another site I should be visiting? There are a few frequent posters out there, and I’m happy and thankful for the few who take the time and effort to try and post answers. I guess I just wish there was more of that going on. I’m going to post this on a couple of different forums, in an effort to get different responses. Please, take minute, tell me what you think about all of this, recommend other internet pregnancy communities. Your responses will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


1plus1equals3 - August 11

I was just thinking the same thing, where have all the other pregos and mommys gone? Im 26 weeks with a little boy :). Me and the hubby are very excited!! We had a loss last year at 9 weeks preg, the doctor i was going to told me the baby was dead and had no heartbeat, that i needed a D&C. I got the operation, and after it all we came to realise, after i got the bill that she had made a HUGE mistake, and there was nothing wrong with my little one after all. I also would like to interact with other expecting mothers, and have tons of questions.


Mommosita - August 11

OMG, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. That is a very sad story. Sites like these are supposed to help with that, I have reservations about sharing my problems with real friends, but the anonymity of being able to do that here, I don't know, it is refreshing to have I guess. I'm happy to hear about your pregnancy, this is #4 for me, so ask away, I would be happy to answer your questions! Best of luck to you, and thank you for posting!


KITKAT01 - August 14

1plus i am so sorry for what you went threw that sux i am glad to hear you are expecting again ...with my dd in 08 i on here everyday and had a large group of other moms due around the same time that i became close with i am so disipointed that it will not be like that this time but there are alot of women over on babycenter who post all day everyday you can join a fourm for your due date month it is great but there are soo many women its not so personal like this site had been it is sad i am 19 weeks along with my second little girl hope to hear more from you guys!!


Mommosita - August 16

Thanks for responding Kit Kat. I posted this on a few other forums, but you two are the only gals who have responded. We found out last week that this will be our second son, and that he is healthy. I've been hanging out over at in-gender.com, where there are lots of ladies dealing with GD (gender disappointment) and that has been helpful. But, I kinda don't like hanging out there so much, because just when I think I am moving on, and am happy with this pregnancy, I find another story, and it makes me sad again. Don't get me wrong, I will love my baby, and am glad we will have another child, but this will most likely be our last baby, and so, I'm sad we will miss out on the experience of having a girl together. Anyhow, I thank you both for responding, and I will certainly check out the other site you mentioned. But I will also still hang out here a bit, and see if maybe things pick up a bit here. Hope you are both doing well!


Khara12345 - November 9

I'm new to this website and it is a little disapointing... most of the posts are so old so I feel kind of stupid even replying to them. And when I have posted nobody replies... so I guess I will move on and find another site.


Khara12345 - November 17

FYI - a couple of good sites are justmommies.com and thepregnancyforum.com. Both are pretty active compared to this site. I've been spending most of my time on those.


AmbientGirl - November 30

OMG that's horrible, so sorry about your loss:( I'm here! I was on here when I was pregnant with my son and now it's dead! There's me and one other girl who have been posting in the May 2011 thread but that's about it.



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