Worms In Urine

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Sammy - June 26

Just last night I seen about 4 little white worms in my urine. I am 15 weeks, and today I havent seen any ever before. Could it have been something I ate? Before I went to bed I used the bathroom again and only one came out. This morning none came out. Has anyone heard of this? What could it be? Please help!!!


dani - June 26

Sammy, I've never heard of this before. I'm wondering what it is and what it could be caused from. I would definitly call your asap!!


M - June 26

This is a "no-brainer". CALL YOUR DOCTOR!


Sammy - June 26

I dont have a doctor just yet. I still dont see any more worms. I think it might have been something I ate yesterday. There was one thing that I ate that I have never had before.... could be it.


sammy - June 26

ew that's gross and alarming.. I'd call and get a doctor asap and get a professional opinion.. considering you're already 15 weeks, I'd get a doctor asap.. what are you waiting for??


Sam - June 26

Are u sure they were worms? were they moving?


to sammy-- - June 26

ew that's gross and alarming.. I'd call and get a doctor asap and get a professional opinion.. considering you're already 15 weeks, I'd get a doctor asap.. what are you waiting for?? I really hope you and the baby are ok...


Sam - June 26

gees lots of Sam's huh? :o)


Marivic - June 26

Anything that you ate would end up in your digestive tract, which you would see in your bowel movements. Even if you don't have a doctor yet, you should still have access to urgent or emergency care, and I would get in to see someone right away. Even if you don't see any worms currently, whatever they are could have laid eggs (sorry, but it's truly a possibility) and NEEDS to be taken care of. Again, food + digestive tract + bowel movements. You need to have your urinary tract examined and urine tested, asap, especially at this time (anytime!) in pregnancy. Good luck.


Sammy - June 26

Hey girls. I am very happy to tell you all that is wasnt from my urine!!!!! I just moved into an RV that is my dads. He hasnt used it for a while and they were little worms from the toilet bowl. When I flushed it they came out. He cleaned it this morning before I woke up. That is why I did not see them today. lol I just told my dad about it and he laughed at me. Said I was crazy. hehe glad I am crazy instead of the worms really coming from me!!!!


Jessica F. - June 26

Sounds like you have pin worms and you need to go to the dr. All they do is check your urine and stools and give you a pill and everyone in your family a pill to take. If you let it go untreated it can harm you and your baby though. Go to the dr not a big deal. I worked at a daycare for a year and had a case of these a few times. your dr will explain everything to you.


Cindy - June 27

In that case, you still need to be careful where you go and make sure everything is clean and hygienic. You are pregnant and anything that you can have yourself can affect your baby. Make sure your surroundings are always clean and fresh- no matter what the reason.


charlie - June 27

and my god you should see a doctor! not for the worms but for the um .. PREGNANCY! by 15 weeks you should have had a series of blood tests, internal exam, an ultrasound, weight monitoring and so on and so on.


_RogersGal - June 27

I honestly don't think thats possible since the only thing that can make it into your bladder is something that is liquid. this sounds like a joke


Kimberlee - June 27

Have you resently visited another country( south america, asia, etc.) There are paracites that can travel up your urinary tract and cause serous damage. Even if you don't have a doc go to your nearest hospital and get seen. You don't need that damaging anything at this point. They can give you medicine to fix it. Please, call a doc and go!!!!!!!!!!!



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