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emmy_angel101 - March 5

I had unprotected s_x about a week before my period. My bf pulled out, but I felt that he did not pull out in time. I am supposed to be having my period today or tomorrow. So far I have taken two pregnancy tests that have come up negative. Also, I have been feeling kind of sick. My nipples are real sore when I or anyone touches them. My br___ts are not swollen or hurt. Could I be pregnant?


SaraH - March 6

It's possible but you probably aren't. Normally you ovulate 2 weeks before you're next period is due (so if you have a 28 day cycle it's 2 weeks after your last period and 2 weeks before your next, but if your cycle is shorter/longer then 28 days then the time before is what varies. All women ovulate about 13 days plus/minus a couple days before their period is due). So, chances are you'd already ovulated and were past the pt where you could have gotten pregnant. That said sometimes we don't ovulate until late in a cycle (which will also make your period late, w/o you being pregnant). If you were sick or stressed then your body can put off ovulating until a "better" time. So, probably aren't pregnant and you probably ovulated before you had s_x, but it's not impossible. If you don't get your period w/in a week or so then take another hpt, but overall relax -worrying about it can make you're period late too, and chances are you have nothing to worry about. By the way though, pulling out is not a good method of b.c. as there is often sperm in pre-ejaculatory fluid and that can get you pregnant w/o him actually ejaculating into you. So, get some birth control and always use it.


emmy_angel101 - March 6

Thank you Sarah, so far it has come and I am grateful taht it did. I was needing some ansers, cause I was getting no where with the ones many people had give to me



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