Can I Have A A Period After Conception

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Britbrit91 - June 17

I had unprotected s_x June 10-11 and I started oviolating June 9-14 but on the 14th I started my period . Is it possible I could be pregnant ? My period wasn't supposed to start till the 25th r the 1st. I been queezy having headaches some cramps .. I took 1 test that said negative but it's was during my period . So could I be pregnant ? Why am I having a period ? And when shall I test again?? Please help


Grandpa Viv - June 18

What kind of a bleed have you been having - eactlylike aperiod, or somehow different? It sounds too heavy and a bit too early to be implantation spotting. Was this first time s_x? You should test again Saturday 25th when your period was expected, and again a week later if still in doubt. Buy condoms of your own and make sure one is used every penetration if you do not want to be pregnant in short order. Good luck!


Britbrit91 - June 18

Well it's heavy but not heavy as usual the color is diffrent and no clotting like I usually have .. I'm actually wanting to get pregnant lol .. But idk what's goin on all my dr friends say they think I have a90% chance that I am but I'm not sure .. Thanks for ur help


Britbrit91 - June 18

And no not 1st time.


Grandpa Viv - June 18

So for the moment let's think of it as heavy implantation spotting. Fatigue and more peeing would be added clues. Test the 25th and again a week later as suggested. Baby dust to you!


kat12310 - June 23

Hi I am 18 and I had s_x 7 days before my period which was on time. It started this tueday and now it is thursday I am worried though because the day before I was dizzy and felt sick and I still feel dizzy and sick sometimes. I am bleeding but not as much as I did last month and I take birthcontrol every morning same time, every day. The thing is that I was on antibiotics last week which I didn't look to see lowers the effectivness of my brithcontrol. I am bleeding red with clumps but I don't feel like it is what it usually was. When I look at my pads there isn't so much blood. We used a condom and the pull out methond and he swears nothing came out but I am worried there was a hole or something. I just want to know if I am just freaking out for no reason or if it could be something like implantation. I don't want to go to a doctor unless I absoulutley have to.


Grandpa Viv - June 24

Uses pull-out with condom and on pill! Wow, that is triple coverage. Even if the antibiotics messed with the pill, you still have double coverage, and 7 days before your period is not in the fertile window. Let me guess that your period is weird because the antibiotics messed with it. Run a home preg test first am pee one morning this weekend, just to get the stress off your mind. GL!


kat12310 - June 24

Oh my goodness you do not know how much better I feel now that someone has said something. I just have a question. What do you mean by fertile window? Do you mean that I can't get pregnant around when I am close to my period? I'm sorry I just don't know about this kind of stuff.


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Kat, ovulation is normally 14 days before your next period, give or take a few, and the egg is only good for one day. On the other hand, sperm can hang around for 5 days or so. That makes the chance of pregnancy highest from s_x days 8 thru 16 of 28. Don't hang your hat on this - sometimes your entire cycle can be delayed from stress, illness or even meds, and ovulation would be later than normal. When in doubt,run a couple of home preg tess at one week intervals, starting when your period was expected.


n.marquez24 - December 13

Same thing is happening to me! I was on Nuvaring, btu it was bothering me on the 5th of December. I took it out and later had unprotected s_x (10 hours later) then on the 6th, I had unprotected s_x again. I completely forgot that I took it out. I did research online and calculated my fertility window/ovulation and I was most fertile from December 3rd to December 7th. I had some bleeding from the 9th to the 12th which was unusual considering that my period is usually a brighter red and lasts 6 days. Could I be pregnant??


Grandpa Viv - December 15

Seems that would be like forgetting to take some birth control pills, which we know can result in pregnancy. Removing the NuvaRing could have caused the unexpected bleed - doesn't sound like implantation spotting. If you are experiencing early pregnancy signs next week you might better do a pregnancy test the day before Christmas, first morning pee. GL!


preggowithnumber2 - December 17

n.marquez24 - I stopped my birth control mid cycle, a few days later I had some bleeding.. it's called 'breakthrough bleeding'.. It is not your regular period. I took it out because I wanted to start trying. Next month came and I had s_x on my fertile days and now i'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby.. good luck!


zuzucia - May 9

Could I be pregnant?, I had unprotected s_x on the 27th April,on the 28 I felt nausious and tired.On the 29th my period started 3days early as it was only due on the 02 May,and it lasted for 5 days where my normal period is 3days.on Friday which was a day after periods I took a pregnancy test and it came negative.With my first pregnancy I felt a pea sized lump or bump where my left tube is at and went to a gynae and discovered I was 6weeks pregnant, now yesterday I felt the same lump,and s_x is a little bit sore. Should I do another test?, is it possible I'm carrying?.


marleymay1234 - May 31

Hi. I had unprotected s_x on may 17th. I had a period about 6 days later that lasted aboht 5 days. I wasnt expecting my period until may 29th. Now I am experiencing extreme bloating, headaches and fatigue. I am also getting a discharge that seems unormal. I havent taken a test yet, could I be pregnant?


marleymay1234 - May 31

Hi. I had unprotected s_x on may 17th. I had a period about 6 days later that lasted aboht 5 days. I wasnt expecting my period until may 29th. Now I am experiencing extreme bloating, headaches and fatigue. I am also getting a discharge that seems unormal. I havent taken a test yet, could I be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - June 1

Marley, your s_x was several days after theoretical ovulation, but you can't hang your hat on that. Your unexpected ealry period sounds too heavy to be implantation, but no promises there either. You now have several early pregnancy signs. You might better take a home preg test this weekend and repeat a week later is still in doubt. GL!


aiyeen - June 14

im very confusing right now.. coz i read alot of sign of being pregnant.. i do unprotected s_x last june 8 and my last period start may 19.. i dont know if im ovulating the time i have s_x. 2nd day after i s_x my b___bs become big and swollen but not that hurt.. like i read.. and i expect implantation bleeding after 6 days which i experience it right now.. but my bleeding is very heavy and i feel mild pain in my right.. like i felt when i have my period.. please help,, what is happening?? thank you..



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