How Long Does Sperm Live

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dimmie1 - September 11

if i had s_x towards the end of my period how long will the sperm live inside me and is pregnancy period was only very light when he came inside me and it was twice two different nights.and my period didnt last very long as its really light now like barely anything there.


Emma2 - September 11

If you have a 28 day cycle the sperm would have not survived or made it in your cervix at all. Why? because you probably didnt have the sufficient cervical mucus that keeps the sperm alive and helps it to swim into your cervix then into your uterus. On average during your fertile time sperm survives 2 days inside your uterus and can live for as long as 5 days with optimal cervical mucus.


dimmie1 - September 11

when i had my period i noticed clear stretchy egg white type stuff on my pad as well.


dimmie1 - September 11

and sorry i forgot to mention my period came a day or two early as well and only lasted a few days.


gb_mom - September 12

I read a lot about that. What they say is sperm stay alive inside you for 48 hours but is possible for longer. You shouldn`t be pregnant it is not the time to conceive but it happens some times. Sometimes it takes months to have s_x at the right time to conceive and you still can`t get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant the right time is about the 14th day after the first day of your period.



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