How Many Days After Your Cycle Is Done Can You Get Pregnant

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shanti1982 - July 31

I'm a bit worried it's been two days after my cycle, and my husband slipped up....We have a baby girl who is 14 months and I was just kidding that we should have more kids so she could have a brother or sister, he took me seriously ....I don't want to be pregnant right now, Does anyone know about how many days after a cycle it is possible to get pregnant???Thanks


Trinity030608 - July 31

Your cycle never really ends,because when one ends, you start your period and another 28-41 day cycle begins. How many days does it take from the start of one period to the start of the next? This is one cycle. now most women who have a normal 28 day cycle, ovulate around the 14 day of their menstrual cycle-counting day one as 1st day of their last period.


shanti1982 - July 31

I'm sorry I mean't to add menstrual ....Two days after my period...


Trinity030608 - July 31

The whole 28 day process is known as the menstrual cycle. anyway,like i said before ovulation normally occurs around the 14th day of the whole cycle. so lets say your period is 5 days, those are days 1 thru 5 of your menstrual cycle, the first day after your period would be day 6, then day 7 and so on... when you get around day 14 (can be from days 12-16 of menstrual cycle) you will ovulate. now sperm can live in you for 3 to five days, but your egg can only be fertilized within 24 hours after being released. So in reality, if you have s_x anywhere from day 10 (five days after your period ends) to day 17 (12 days after your period ends)of your menstrual cycle you could get pregnant. By the way, based on your numbers above, I dont think your pregnant.



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