I Dont Want To Have Sex

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skinnyminny - May 4

I'm too tired and the sensation is overly-intense now and it wears me out, i almost get sick. I tired to explain this to my fiance and his eyes kind of glazed over.


singlem0m - May 5

So....whats the question? :) hehe


valknight - May 10

well, its ok for that, your likely in your first trimester, and that is the same i felt, i cried when my fiance told me that she didnt want to have s_x, the thing is i felt that she just didnt want me, see to guys alot of times s_x is the most powerfull and successfull form of affection in a loving relationship, some guys arent like that but if you and he really love each other then its a form of affeciton for him, if your in your first trimester, wait till bout the thirteenth week or so and then your s_x drive may increase, you may tell him that on your 14th week to set up a day just for s_x, and also regular s_x may not work for you, try other things, try oral, tray usin your hands, just talk it out and enjoy the s_x, in any way shape or form,


Harvestdance - May 11

Hi Skinny. I don't know where you are in your pregnancy but I can relate. I'm in my 16th week and though all the books say the s_x drive returns in the second trimester - it just hasn't kicked in for me yet. I worry about neglecting my husband but I'm really fatigued. I think if I exercised more I'd feel stronger and more s_xy but thinking about that sends me into a nap! Good luck!


collint3 - May 17

well the same happened to me in my first trimester, i was just too sick and it just didn't feel the same, and my fiance tried to deal with it but i could tell it was bothering him. Work out something that the both of you could agree with or he'll just have to deal. But if your not already in the second or third trimester don't worry because now my fiance can't even keep up with me.



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