I M 13 Amp I Dont Know If I M Pregnant

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correctcookie - May 5

I was fooling around with a guy I was very close with. Things were getting very intense and we both ended up too close. My pants had been taken off along with my underwear. This happened with him too. Well ... We didn't completely have s_x, seeing as his p__s was not in my va___a. But there was excess rubbing. We stopped and I asked if he had ejaculated but he said he wasn't sure. It was dark. Later I had asked if there was a chance of me getting pregnant. He replied , "I'd have to come while deep inside of you to get pregnant." Is this true? Or is there a chance I could be pregnant ? I don't want to ask an adult about this for fear of what would happen, even though I know I should so please do not give me this adivice as I will not follow it. Correspondence would be very much obliged. Thank you.


Teddyfinch - May 5

well, firstly, he should know if he came. i mean, you can't really miss it. it's a mess of white goo so if you were cleaning a lot of it off of you, then yeah he did. but he doesn't have to be deep in you to get you pregnant. all you have to be is ovulating because the cervical fluid is what helps carry the sperm inside you. i suggest waiting until you would have missed your period and then take a test. good luck!


Brenna - May 7

Hun I agree with Teddy,A guy can't miss it.There is a chance you could have gotten pregnant,but it is a small one.Before you go any farther,please stop and think about it.Are you ready to take care of a baby?What about if you get an STD?Your virginity is a gift,that you can only give once.If you do have s_x I think you will regret it.You are so young.If on the small chance you are pregnant,PLEASE don't have an abortion,There are so many people out there who would love to adopt a baby and give it a good home.I will be praying for you^



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