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If Urine After Sex Will It Lessen Chance Of Getting Pregnant

7 posts on this thread and the last post was on August 18 9:05pm by tricky
Johnna - July 30 3:34pm

If you go to the bathroom, urine after having s_x will it lessen the chance of getting pregnant? I am trying to get pregnant and I was wondering if it did so I know what not to do.

No - August 1 8:36am

Urinating after s_x does not decrease or increase the likelihood of you becoming pregnant.

Jenn - August 10 11:20am

i was wondering the same thing , becuase i always seem to pee as soon or after we are done having s_x , and i'm not sure if it decreases the chance.

m - August 10 2:35pm

If you're really trying to get prego, you should place a pillows under your legs and lay there after he c_ms inside of you for about 45 mintues. This allows the sprem to travel. Going to the bathroom should not affect the sperm inside of you.

Jbear - August 11 3:00am

I wouldn't rely on peeing after s_x to prevent pregnancy, but it might be good not to pee after s_x if you're trying to get pregnant. My husband and I have been married 8 years and never used any birth control. The two times I've gotten pregnant were the only two times I didn't get up to pee after s_x. It may just be a coincidence, but it worked for me.

J - August 11 7:11am

Peeing does not prevent pregnancy, standing up having s_x, does not prevent pregnancy. Standing up in the shower and rinsing right after wards does not prevent pregnancy. That's how I got pregnant.

L - August 16 9:54am

I used to always pee straight after but when we decided we were going to try for a baby I didnt go after and I put a pillow under my bum and held my legs up for about 10mins and Im 17wks and 4days now! First try too!

tricky - August 18 9:05pm

NO! PLEASE continue to urinate after s_x, it helps prevent bladder infections/UTIs. urine comes from your -bladder-, not your -v____a-, so releasing urine will not affect the amount of sperm that's entered into your v____a. if you don't pee when you need to, excess bacteria may build up and cause a painful UTI/bladder infection. urinating after s_x has been reccommended to me by several doctors, so keep peeing after you do the deed!


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