Oral Sex With Group B Strep Help

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Baby - May 25

Ok this might be TMI but I got tested for groub b strep,and I was having s_x and then he pulled out and I started giving him head can group B strep be passed from va___a to mouth?


Shell - May 25

If we all went out and researched everything ourselves, there would be no need for this board. This is a place to share information. It's really best to say nothing if you don't have any real advice to give. Anyway...Baby...No, you don't pa__s GBS from v____a to mouth. GBS is not the same strep bacteria that causes strep throat. I had GBS with my first child, and found out that I may not have it this time. It's just a bacteria that lives in your body, and sometimes it goes away. If you have GBS now, you cannot pa__s it to your throat. Here's a link with some answers regarding GBS. http://www.cdc.gov/groupbstrep/


Shell - May 25



skylersmom - May 27

actually i was going to say the same thing. Emma you really need to stop coming on here being so rude to people. i havent even seen one positive post from you. It's really annoying. Why would you even want to come on here to be like that? No life maybe? Anyways, BABY- i have GBS my first pregnancy, not sure about this one. but i know its no big deal and im pretty sure Shell is right, it cant be pa__sed through oral s_x. It can be pa__sed to the baby while giving birth if your not given an antibiotic while in labor.


Baby - June 1

Thank you ,and emma I did reasearch,just didnt find the answer I wanted so I asked here before the Dr. 1


Emmie - June 3

I had group B strep with my last pregnancy and my doctor told me I had no restrictions or anything with it so I a__sume that means you can have oral s_x.



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