Paranoid About Being Pregnant

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alepad21 - February 25

"First off I don't like kids and I don't have patience for them. On Valentines Day I was with my ex boyfriend even though we never had intercourse and we both had our clothes on im SO worried! We started to make out in his car he put his hand down his pants with the same hand he touched me with. He never ejaculated or anything like that but I know there was probably pre ejaculation and im afraid he probably touched some of it and then touched me but when I asked him he said he was fixing himself he only had his hands in his pants for 2 seconds and that he never remembered touching himself and he told he never touched the the tip and he touched his p__s with the palm of his hand never with his fingers and I heard him say he didn't even touch it he touched his briefs but I dont know if to believe him or not. He even told me not to worry and to not waste my money on pregnancy test and that im overreacting and that im being a drama queen because he is sure nothing happened. Im worried because ive always been on birth control and he is the first boyfriend that ive never been on birth control with because him and I are practicing abstinence we are both celibate we never had s_x the whole time we have been together so any little thing that happens like this makes me very paranoid. Im having very very light cramps they don't even hurt my br___t are a little sore and they barely hurt my period is suppose to come this Friday or Saturday maybe even Sunday. They say that healthy couples have a 20 to 25% chance of conceiving every month and my friend told me from my situation it's little to none.. I don't know when I ovulate I have an average of a 27 day cycle according to all the ovulation/calendars online but I believe they are inaccurate because all of them tell me different days that I should be ovulating. I have a range of a 26-28 day cycle so I could of ovulated the day before we saw each other which was the 13 of Feb I saw him on the 14 because when I went to the bathroom I still had cervical mucus when I went to go pee..should I even worry?"


19yroldMomma - March 1

Birth control is used usually to supress ovulation and creates a more aggressive environment for sperm so that they don't survive. I'm not saying you abosuletly can't get pregnant it's still possible but Very very very slim. wear condoms and spermicide if your worried about getting pregnant. sometimes cervical mucus is an indication your period will soon begin because throughout the cycle cm slowly increases from the beginning which started with mensis, a dry period in the v____a. Also TIME THE BIG O, Time when you ovulated normally girls ovulate midway in their periods, everyone is different don't fall for the every girl ovulates 14-15 days after their first day of bleeding because its not true. And last but not least research what signifies your ovulating such as fertile cervical mucus which is a thin egg whitish stuff that will be discharged without arousal during your BIG O TIME. but this may be different for every girl so spend some time getting to know you and.. your BIG O TIME. Hope this helps :)!


19yroldMomma - March 1

P.S. sperm can survive in the v____a for 3-5 days if you want avoid s_x 3-5 before and after BIG O TIME



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