Period Finished About 2 Weeks Ago Now Brown Blood Help 16

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ComicHeart - August 15

Alright so i'm 16 and i am s_xually active right now and have been for a while. My period finished about 2 weeks ago or more and so the brown blood discharge i am experiencing now cannot be my period. I was fingered by my boyfriend and we also did some s_xual stuff and he might have gotten some c_m near my va___a. The day after this i got out of the shower and probably a few minutes after wards i noticed that i had brown blood on my underwear and now this has persisted on for 4 to 5 days. I was thinking that it might be that he scratched me inside while fingering me but why would i bleed a day and a shower after? So now i am really scared that i might be pregnant because i was researching and it said that it is an early pregnancy symptom. Please help me ! what could this be? I also have some cramps right now but i might be getting a little paranoid and its really nothing and for a few days i have been really tired and when i go somewhere it seems like I'm in a dream like really gloomy. I also get dizzy when i stand up and things really irritate me. The brown blood has also been coming out with a clear stretchy consistency. I have to now wear a liner because it stains my underwear.


Grandpa Viv - August 15

"Period finished two weeks ago or more" sounds like your next period is expected in less than a week. At this stage you might be experiencing implantation spotting, often described as "pink and brown when wiping." Your other signs include weird cramps, fatigue, emotional, dizzy moments, and lotion discharge mixed with the brown. How about more peeing, heavier b___sts, sensitive nipples, hot flashes, headache, low backache, leg cramps, smell and appet_te changes, stuffy nose, vivid dreams etc? Is your "may have got some c_m near my v____a" a cover-up for the fact that your s_xual activity has gone much further? Do a couple of home pregnancy tests a week apart, using first morning pee, starting next weekend. Good luck!


ComicHeart - August 15

Thank you so much for your response. Well my next period i think is due at the start of next month(maybe the 3rd) or the end of this month. I can't really recall when it ended. I have not experienced pink when wiping only far. I woke up this morning with no brown blood whatsoever, not sure if this is good or bad. The symptoms i do have that you mentioned are more peeing, sensitive nipples,headache, leg cramps? well last night i felt my leg hurting like how it feels like when its growing. and yes many some vivid dreams. I was also sick a few days ago my throat was really swollen and i could barely eat anything or drink anything because it hurt so bad and a__sociated with that was a lot of green mucus...i am not sure if this is a sign.While writing this the brown blood has appeared again but not as much as before. It came out with a ball of stringy discharge.


ComicHeart - August 15

Also i have broken out a lot on my face recently


Grandpa Viv - August 16

You have a long cycle - "period finished two weeks ago" and "start of next month." Ovulation is normally 14 days before your next menstruation , which figures to about now. You can't be pregnant from s_x this cycle. I am wondering if you had s_xual exposure in the middle of July, followed by an in-pregnancy bleed. Your pregnancy signs are strong enough that you could be six weeks pregnant (dating from the beginning of your early July period). If that is the case, a home pregnancy test any day now would tell the story. Use first morning pee. Please come back and tell the rest of the story. GL!


ComicHeart - August 16

I dont think it is possible for me to be pregnant from july . My boyfriend left for about 3 weeks and came back the 29th. We did have s_x on the 30th and 31st. Now we recall when i got my period i got it on the 31st of july.So i should be getting my period by the end of the month hopefully. The brown blood has stopped now and only stringy discharge with some brown blood comes out about once or twice a day. When could i take the pregnancy test if my period is due the 31st? Thank you so much again for all your help!


Grandpa Viv - August 16

Did you have s_x with the boyfriend before he left on his trip, but after your early July menstruation? It is possible to get pregnant from s_x the last day of your period. I very much doubt your are pregnant from s_x this cycle - you would only now be ovulating.


ComicHeart - August 17

Sorry for the late response Viv.Yes i did have s_x before he left and after my period. But i got my period at the end of july till the start of august. How can i still be pregnant?


ComicHeart - August 17

I thought when you have your period it means you are not pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - August 18

One in four pregnancies experiences some kind of bleed at period time in the first trimester, but it is usually shorter and lighter than usual. The pregnancy signs you have listed suggest you could be 6 weeks pregnant. I think you should buy a home preg test (Dollar Store work fine) and use it on first morning pee on Saturday, dip method. If it is positive, carry it in to your mom and say "does this mean what I think it does?" April 11th, 2011 could be an important date for you. Good luck!



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