Period Twice In One Month

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megan - January 25

i started my period on jan 8th. i had unprotected s_x on the 15th and 16th. yesterday, 1/24 i started bleeding again. it started out dark brown and today its dark red. its very very light. not at all like a normal period.
i was taught that you could get pregnant at anytime.. but ive been reading online and it said you can only get pregnant like 4 days out of the month. i have no idea which one of those is right.

my period always comes at the same time, so this is very weird to me. yesterday i was feeling very bloated, but today i'm not.

and the famous question... could i be pregnant or is it way too early to know?


londa - February 18

megan im having the same thing i had my period feb 2 i had unprotected s_x 10,12,14, 15 and then on the 16 i had brown blood then it was red i dont understand either if anyone nows please let us know iam trying for a baby!!!!!


Nik - February 28

ya me too... i had my period on the 4th and unprotected s_x on the 7, 14, 16, 20 and got my period again on the 27th, way earlier than my usual cycle, im trying to concieve too,,, please inform me on my chances!!


londa - March 8

yo thats crazy because the same thing happen to me i had my period feb 2 i had unprotected s_x 10,, then on the 17 i got brown blood then it went red to please help im trying to conceive too


Sameproblem - March 10

Is there anyone on this website that can answer this question. The same thing happened to me today except I take birth control so I am so confused about why I am having another period a week after my regular one. Please give us an answer....its kinda scary.


tera - June 17

the same thing is happening to me and it started happening today please tell me if im pregnant


Jessica - June 30

Taking Prenatal Vitamins before you concieve can help your chances to get pregnant, I got my period June 6 and then started spotting June 27. I took a test and I'm pregnant!! Get a blood test for a 100%accuracy to know if your pregnant cause urine tests wont always show.


Hidden - July 3

definitly get a preg test but my gf's peroid is every 2 weeks pretty much so it could just be chances in your life or diet, stress stuff like that that has changed it


wow - July 25

I think that you could possibly be pregnant but it is 2 soon to know right now. Plus, you can get period after having rough s_x and unprotected s_x. Plus, you could get pregnant because the egg is released right after your period is over and your significant other could have fertilized it with sperm, making you pregnant. If you start puking a little in the next couple of weeks, you could be pregnant.


Marsaili - July 27

I had that happen last month & now I am pregnant... I am wondering if I was last month & just a__sumed I wasn't because of the period-like symptoms. I am only supposed to be 4.5 weeks & I already can't b___ton my pants... so I wonder.


sharon - July 28

im 15..and i know alot about these questions so bare with me lol..yes yu can only get pregnant on your fertile days..but if u had s_x a few days before your fertile days sperm can live inside you for up to 3-5 days..but they do get weaker each day .. that culd be implantation whats happenin w. the brown reddish..caz i've had thickish red blood ..and still no period..its never to early 2 know if your pregnant..every girls body is different..i hope that helps you =)


ashly - August 6

me too!got my period july 4th n i have unprotected contact start 9th up to 28th early morning.then got spotted blood early of the 28th then lots 28th afternoon of july.


ashly - August 6

me too!got my period july 4th n i have unprotected contact start 9th up to 28th early morning.then got spotted blood early of the 28th then lots 28th afternoon of just confused if im gonna be pregnant .'coz i have a period twice in that month.


roxsy - August 6

i also have had the same thing happen to me i got my period on 07/2/05 and the got it again 07/27/05 and have not gotten it yet in this month i dont know what is going on


joesy - August 16

Hi, I have had the same issue, and similar timing. I started my cycle on the July 31st had s_x Aug 8-10th and got some brown stuff Aug 15th very light red today. So that is new, and we were hoping to be pregnant this month or soon after trying for a year.


Helen - August 18

Is there something in the water? I got my period on 7/29. s_x on 8/10 thru 8/16. started what seems like a period on 8/17 thought was spotting but today 8/18 it's more like a weird period. Never had this happen before. Would luv to know whats up ?


T-Bird - August 22

I am experiencing the same thing as well. I finished my last period on August 15 and it was a normal period. I am on birth control and had unprotected s_x about four times when I finished and then on August 22nd my period started again but very heavy. I am also experiencing cramps that seem to be getting worse as the week goes on. I know this is not normal as I do have a family member who suffers from this all the time however it has never been so close together for her nor has either period been normal. If anyone can tell me what this is all about e-mail me at



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