Precum During Ovulation

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Michitatata - August 16

Help! one week ago on my 16th day of cycle we had unprotected sex, but after 5 or 8 sec he got out of me and put on condom. we didnt go for the second time. accroding to my calendar i was ovulating that time. and then the other day we were fooling around and he got inside of me for 1 sec and ''went out'' immediately and put on condom and cummed inside of it, but outside of me. 

could i be pregnant? 


Grandpa Viv - August 19

This does not sound like a pregnancy scenario. The 16th would have been of concern had he ejaculated inside. The more recent episode was outside the fertile window. You have condoms, hopefully new and properly stored. Buy some vaginal spermicide to use with them, out the condom on before penetration and stay away from your ovulation days. Then you will be as safe as can be. GL!


Michitatata - August 22

Thank you for the comment!  I'm expecting my periods tomorrow, I hope it will be on time. So there is a risk of pg but a little? 


Grandpa Viv - August 22

Good luck with AF. You are not mentioning any early pregnancy signs so you are surely in the clear this time. You will become sexually active in the coming months so please be prepared. Denial is not good contraceptioin.


Michitatata - August 23

I'm one day late now... I took a test yesterday and it was negative. 

Jesus, I think I'm pregnant. Cuz normally I have some symptoms of my prds , but this time nothing hurts and it feels like they're never gonna come.


Grandpa Viv - August 24

Michitatata, it sounds like your guy has a hair trigger. I hope he didn't leave any sperm in you on CD16. If you were getting pregnant you would by now be talking of weird cramps, more peeing, unusual fatigue and other stuff. Absent that, my guess is that your cycle is delayed from the stress of the situation. Keep us posted.



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