When The Baby Was Concieved

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Asprin Hamlett - January 28

Hey all, I have a question my ex-boyfriend and I broke up on Oct 17. I was so hurt a did something stupid I had unprotected s_x with another guy about 2-3 weeks later. The last time my ex-boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x was on Oct 21. My due date is July 29. The doctor said that I most likely conceived around Oct 13 but others told me that the conceived date could be a week or two off. My last period was at the end of Sept and went off early Oct. My question is who most likely would be the father?


jldaniels - February 1

Asprin, Its hard to say but if you normally have 28 day cycles your window of pregnancy is normally 11-16 days after the first day of your last period. It sounds like it would be your ex would be the father if you last period was in Sept. Does he know about the pregnancy? A DNA test would be able to tell you for sure. But if your figures are correct and you and your ex broke up on Oct 17 that would but you at the very end of Oct. beggining of Nov. when you were with the other guy and I would think you would have already been preggo.


CeeCee - February 2

Hey aspirin..I'm sorry you're in such a jam. These other people who have told you the conception date can be a week or two are correct. However, if your cycle has been pretty consistent, count 14 days back from your next expected period. Other than doing that, if you'd like a more precise date, wait until a sonogram is done between weeks 8 and 12. Sonograms done during that timeframe tend to be more on point, being a day or two off, instead of a week or two. Since you had your period at the ending of September, I'd say your fertile peak was around the time you were with your ex, making your ex the father. I wish you much luck with everything. But more so congratulations on your little one. :-)



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