10 Dpo Amp Bummed

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simplegirl - February 6

well im 10dpo, BD'd at right time...but not having ANY symptoms. had some AF cramping but thats normal..woke up today with a sore throat..ugh anyone missing symptoms and got lucky?


Grandpa Viv - February 6

Some say they never had any symptoms but ended up pregnant anyway. A runny nose and sore throat might give you a smidge of encouragement - more mucous discharge can be a sign, but I think it would have to be accompanied by "wet down there" also. Don't despair. It is normal to take several months of trying even in the prime of fertility. Good luck!


simplegirl - February 9

its now 13 dpo, AF should be here tomorrow... the sore throat only lasted 2 days. im still not feeling any different. besides a mucousy cough. had some good AF cramps earlier so im pretty sure she is right around the corner. i just HOPE that i concieved with no symptoms ;)


simplegirl - February 10

so today is 14 dpo. no AF yet but woke up feeling sick & my kidneys hurt. AF may come late CAuse i was so stressed last night...not feeling any cramps but sort of a wet feeling like before AF arrives.


austynsmommy - February 10

You could still be pregnant. With my last baby I didn't get any real signs until 6 weeks. Good luck.


simplegirl - February 10

Well my BBs have been tender all day and usually the only timet hey get tender is right after O for a few days. but once again i was stressed last night and upset today so AF could just be late. i've heard of alot of people not realizing until they miss AF but i just feel like its coming with milld mild cramping and the wet feeling.


praying4baby - February 10

why haven't you taken an hpt yet??


praying4baby - February 10

I do good to make it to 10 dpo to poas, so if you haven't tested by now, especially since af is late, that's will power!!


simplegirl - February 10

i dont want to see a BFN; so i figure if its late because of stress it will show eventually. i mean i have a wet feeling like its coming but no crams really and tender BBS. so technically AF is already a day late according to FF.


simplegirl - February 11

So i suppose AF has started today. this morning i noticed a tiny bit of brown CM so i put a tampon in and its almost been 5 hours and i went to change it and nothing but the brown mucousy CM that is thick and sticky. Ugh i wish she would just hurry up already!!


simplegirl - February 12

well i believe my wait is over now..im seeing rusty brown color CM but its a little more than spotting but not a flow..i only see it with BMs. so would yuo count today as day 1 or tomorrow?



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