11 Days Late Symptoms But Negative Home Test

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Kate - October 23

I am currently 11 days late. I did a home pregnancy test this morning, but it came up negative. I've never been more than 5 days late before, and this time I am experiencing some symptoms. My symptoms are: Tiredness Mild nausea Food aversion (bananas taste bad - I normally like them). I'm also finding chocolate bland (I normally love chocolate) Spots Very gassy (belching a lot more than normal) Slight constipation Probably not relevant, but I've been suffering with a sore throat and cold the last few days too. Should I take the negative home test as the final verdict, or is it worth doing another one in a few days/a week? Thanks.


E - October 23

I would skip the home test and call the doctor for a very sensitive blood test where they will measure the exact amount of HcG in your blood. I would lie & tell them you had a positive home test or they may disregard you and not test you. Good luck:)


Jodie - October 23

yeah,I have asore throat and a cold. I have heard a lot on this site that thats symptom,is it true? Thanks!!!


Miky - October 23

I am having the same problem, 8 days late and the test is saying negative. Just like you the longest I have ever been late is 5 days, plus have similar symtoms. I guess I am going to wait a week or so to see. Slight consipation is a symptom too by the way. Don't take the test result as a final verdict, test again in a few days! and let us know how you get on. Good luck


Denise - October 23

HI, I don't know if I will actually help you much, but I am in the same boat with ya. I too am now 12-13 days late and some strange and some very strong tell symptoms...BUT all my tests, including a blood test last week, have come out --- Neg. I still think I am...between the very sore/swollen / hard b___st, Npls that are literally "spreading" out , not really darker, but ALOT bigger, nauses/sick, burping alot(wierd), dizzy, Lots of discharge ( keep thinking I started, run to the restroom to find its just "stuff" ( sorry if thats grose), and some of my favorite foods don't sound good etc. I could go on, but you get the picture :-) i will let you know what happens with me, but I'm not giving up yet. I am hoping I know my body better than this. I truelly hope evrything works out for you as well. From what I keep reading in others stories......we have hope and its not over til it's over, Good luck !! God Bless !!!


Miky - October 23

Denise, try again in a few days, from what I have read they say the best time to test is about a week after your missed period, that would put you almost there if u are 14 days late. Also see the post nearby about hgc levels, go to the site they mention and it will show how widely the levels can be. Thats what I did, and now I am going to wait till I am past 14 days late to test again. Let us know how you get on, good luck.


Viv - October 24

I came across a link that told me that the symptom "more frequent urination" is a direct result of increased hCG. Now I am watching to see if there is a correlation between women who do not complain of this symptom and those who get late positive hCG tests. Any input appreciated.


E - October 25

Hi Viv, Increasing HcG is related to a growing embryo, which leads to a swollen uterus, which leads to pressure on the bladder... Hence, frequent urination. XOXO


fanny - October 25

it sounds like you might be pergnant so you should probably wait another week and take another test if it sayss negative and you still fell like you are see a doctor


MissChappy - October 27

Hi everyone! I am usually on a 31 day cycle..and here we are day 41...still no period...2 neg blood tests...and one neg home just 2 days ago! I am SO confused cuz I am never more then a couple days late! I was out smoking the other night...and I had to run in and throw up because it made me SO sick to my stomach. I called the dr. this morning and am waiting for a reply...I will post again when I know more!!


Miky - October 28

Kate, could you let me know how you are, or what the outcome is? I am 13 days late now and still testing negative? Would appreciate your imput?


Kate - October 28

Still late (16 days now) - I'm waiting till Saturday to test again. Still experiencing symptoms, including having to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night now too! Will let you know how I get on when I test on Saturday.


Kate - October 30

Took 2nd home test this morning - still negative. Guess a trip to the doctor's is next on the cards. Will let you know.


louise - October 30

to milky i had the same with my first child and i got all negative results and i just kept on testing but when i got a poss i went to the docs and they booked me in 4 a scan and i found out i was three months preg now the same thing is happening again im three weeks late and have had 3 neg tests so im gona go to the hospital and ask them if i can have a scan its the only other way if u keep ge tting neg results


Miky - October 30

Man Kate, u must be going crazy? I know I am!! I am now 15 days late, and tested negative Two days ago. How are u doing? Are u in the states? I am in the UK, and have been told that if I don't come on by Monday then I have to go in to see them, but I have no idea, what they do next. Also I have looked at a load of HcG level charts, which look like it could still be possible that you and I are pg, just low levels. What test did you use? Good luck, xx


Kate - October 30

Miky - I'm also in the UK. I used the Superdrug home kit (pack of 2) which I've read are supposed to be pretty good. I have no idea either what happens next as this will be the first time for me. Hope all goes well for you when you go to the doctor's, and I will let you know how I get on.


Miky - November 1

Hi Kate, how are you? have you been to the doctors? I am now 17 days late, took another test this morning and still negative!! I am going to speak to the nurse today. will let you know what happens. I am so keeping my fingers crossed for you



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