16 Not Sure If Iam Pregnant

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DeAnne - August 3

Ive had s_x and since then Ive had a period, but It wasnt normal. It started medium and then turned into light spotting the last few days. Ive been peeing alot cramping my br___t are really tender and my stomach is pretty tight. Ive also been pretty tired. I dont think its just stress because there hasnt been anything going on thats been stressful. Ive tried at least 4 preg test and they all came up with light lines. So im thinking yeah. I was just wanting some one elses opinion on this or if they are going through the same situations. Thanks for your time.


alicia - August 2

if a pregnancy test came up with a faint postive line it can still be pregnancy. I had a very faint line and was pregnant. I took a second test about 2 days later and it was more clearer...GOOD LUCK THOUGH HUN


April - August 2

When i was pregnant with my daughter i had very faint lines i didnt believe i was pregnant. My sister than said the same thing happen to her so we then went to plan parenthood and they said it was so faint they had to do 2 test and low and behold i was pregnant. good luck!! check again and let us know!!!


brucen - August 2

same story as april. The first was early in the morning, I was groggy anyway and didnt want to believe. So 3 hpts, 5 nauseated days in London, and then a dr's visit later...


Ajax - August 3

The doc will tell you a hpt will not have a false positive. False negitives can happen. If there is any line they will tell you to come in, your pregnant. My wife had the same thing. She called questioning pregnancy. They just made an apointment. They said just come in your pregnant, without even batting an eye. I would put money on it that you are pregnant.


DeAnne - August 3

Thanks guys, Im going to a local clinic to find out for sure. Ill let you know the answer when I get back



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