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lpeens - February 17 9:27am

Hi, I had a D&C and laparscopy done on 21 Jan 2011 to remove my ectopic pregnancy. For the last 3 days I've been nausious, lower back pain, burping and headaches. Could I be pregnant again so soon? I'm going to the gynea on Tuesday (22 Feb) and i'm not sure what to expect.


Baby dust to all

Grandpa Viv - February 18 11:00am

It is indeed possible. Your cervix would have been more open as a result of being stretched. Sperm could have entered more easily. It's probably too early to test. Let the Gyno do it. GL!

lpeens - February 18 12:45pm

Thank you! I will let all know on Tuesday. This is going to be a long weekend. Baby dust to all!

lpeens - February 22 8:21am

So I went to the gynea today and he said everything looks good after my d&c. He said that it was too early to detect if i'm pregnant and said that if i did not get my period by next week friday i must take a test. So this is going to be a long 10 days.

lpeens - March 17 7:05am

So I did a test this morning and it showed 2 lines within 3 seconds!!! Did a blood test and my count is 1858! Now I need to see they gynea as soon as possible so that they can make sure that I don't have another ectopic. YAY!!!!!!

Grandpa Viv - March 17 2:16pm

Congratulations! The chance of two ectopics in a row is reeeally small. I'm thinking you might be six weeks pregnant with a due date the last week of October. GL!

lpeens - March 18 3:26am

Die gynea wanted to see me this morning and he did an internal and everything is where it is suppose to be!!! Smack in the middle. :) Going back in 2 weeks to see the heart beat!


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