50 Days No Period

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BlueEyes268 - August 14

Hello again...ok here's the deal. My periods usually come every 32-35 days. My last period was June 26th, I'm going on 50 days as of tomorrow. I've been moody, tired, and gasy...it could be signs of my period arriving, or possibly a baby this time. Do you think I should test, and if so when?


BlueEyes268 - August 15

Oh and I forgot to mention...I've been eating myself out of house & home. LOL I can't seem to conquer my hunger.


Cakoo4cocopuffs - August 15

I definitly think you should test!!!!! that way if you are you can get to the doc to get yourself the care you need!!! are you trying to conceive?? good luck!


Lin - August 15

Should you test? You should have tested a couple weeks ago!


LoVeLyMoMmY - August 15

You absolutely should test...sheeesh i would have tested ...good luck


BlueEyes268 - August 15

Well everyone, I tested this evening approximately 10:15PM, and received a BFN! I'm now at 50 days and still no period. I purchased a 2 pack test, so I guess I'll try again first thing in the morning. My fiance and I haven't been trying to conceive, yet we haven't been watching ourselves either(pull-out isn't a form of birth control) I'd love to have another child, my DR. doesn't think I'll be able to have another one due to the damage from my cervical cancer. (He said I have all the right parts, just not to sure if my body can take one a pregnancy) I view it as a blessing if I'm able to have another one, if not my daughter was my one & only miracle that I was able to birth. My daughter will be 9 next month, his sons are 10 & 2...I have my hands full, but would love one more. I do have a DR's appointment on Thursday for a pap...so I guess I'll just have to wait till tomorrow.



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