5 Days Till Period Due

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lou77 - November 10

having nausea, headaches & cramps also very forgetful. 1 negative pregnancy test as couldn't wait till Monday. Just waiting to see if this could be a false negative as did too early. Anyone who would like to offer advice.


Laura - November 10

Hi Lou77, my af is due this Sunday. I have headaches, nausea, tired, sore b___bs. I have not tested yet this time. I have tested other pregnancies too early and the test comes back negative.


Lou 77 - November 10

Hi Laura this is my 1st month of trying properly so i didn't know what to expect thus trying too soon i've ordered another test incase mu af doesn't come its nervewracking especially as i've had symptoms.


Laura - November 10

Hi Lou 77, Think positve if your body cooperates you will get a positive soon!


lou 77 - November 10

Hopefully I'm counting the days i hope both of us don't receive any af's over the weekend .


Laura - November 10

Lou 77. It does sound promising to us. But at the same time when you want something so bad. Your body can play games.


lou77 - November 10

I know thats why i've tried to paly it down @ home & work and said i think i've picked up a bug or something.


Allie - November 10

Hey girls! My (no) AF is due Saturday!! The wait is sooooo frustrating!! I keep going to the ladies room to see if anything has happened since I usually get AF two days early (which would be today). So far nothing, but I am afraid to get my hopes up. Good luck to you girls. My bbs are sore and heavy and I am crampy??? sound like a pg sign to you or just AF coming? Keep your figures crossed for me please and I will do the same for you!!!!


Laura - November 10

Hi Allie, It could go either way. Hopefully we will get BFP this week!


Ashley - November 10

Hi Lou77, my af was due yesterday and i took like three early tests a few days prior with an Early test and all were negative but didn't get af yesterday and so took another test last night and got a very faint positive- took another one today and definatly positive...Sometimes it just won't show up until youre actually late. Mine didn't. If your body is telling you things I would probably listen. I had lots of symptoms but started to think maybe it was all in my head but NOPE..I'm Pregnant! Hopefully you will get your bfp soon.Good Luck


Laura - November 10

Congrats Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great news. have you been having any symptoms?


lou 77 - November 11

I'm gutted my af came today 4 days early. It quite light but defeinately a period still feeling sick so maybe a virus after all!!


Laura - November 12

Hi ladies, I tested yesturday and got BFP!


lou 77 - November 13

Congratulations Laura!


Naysa - November 13

Congrats Ashley & Laura!My AF is due on the 18th,wish me luck;)


Laura - November 13

Naysa, Just a few days from testing. Think positive! Good luck and Baby Dust to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Naysa - November 14

Thanks Laura.How long had you been ttc?



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