7dpo Any1 To Join

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rachypoo - September 4

come on dont be shy i am having cramps today af is due 11th and i am tired and constipated and have alot of trapped gas.and lots of clear cm


Caring21 - September 4

Makes two of us!! it's crazy to be living the same thing almost!


rachypoo - September 4

heycaring21 what have you felt like i think my cramps are trapped wind. how have you been feeling til now when are you testing?


Caring21 - September 4

Hey rachypoo, I had trapped gas last week that had me curled up in bed in the morning. God that hurts so bad. Yesterday I had cramping in my lower stomach, which was similar to pms but it wasn't and last night after workd I felt really sick to my stomach when I got home from work. I've been kind of ga__sy since last week. But the worst is my sore nipple and since today sore b___st...


Caring21 - September 4

I'm going to test on the 11 or 12 you?


rachypoo - September 4

yep the b___sts were a 1st sign for me as i never get b___st soreness like this its my nipples they itch and when i dont wear a bra they feel so heavy and i get shooting pains in them they have increased half a size.


Caring21 - September 4

Have you been pregnant before ?



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