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LadyD - June 1

More than certain this has been asked a trillion times: When is the earliest that you can ovulate? Does it depend on your cycle? I just want to know if you can ovulate during af, immediately after, or is it always somewhere near the mid-cycle point, depending on the woman?


buffy2297 - June 1

You can ovulate as early as 6 days after the first day of your cycle. I ovulated on CD 8 and got PG. However it's not the norm. The normal time is around 2 weeks into your cycle but it does depend how long your cycle normally is. If you have a normal 28 day cycle then 14 days into your cycle would be about right. If it's longer then you'd probably ovulate 14 days before your AF so you need to count backwards if you have a regular cycle. Hope this helps.


Emma2 - June 1

I have heard of ovulation as early as cd 6 but its not that common. Usually women with shorter cycles ovulate earlier.


LadyD - June 1

Thank you for answering, ladies. Buffy, congrats! How far along are you? See I'm having issues. CD6, wow that is early. I don't really know with my body because I am certain my daughter was conceived approx. cd15, she's 5 now. Could my Ov time change from then to now? In April, on cd10, and in May, on cd16, I had what I believed to be Ov bleeding. I have a normal 32 day cycle usually but my last af was extremely long, 40 days. I know the luteal phase does not change but obviously I Ov'd later than expected. What could that bleeding have been? I've been to the dr. and she took blood work & said I had a yeast infection, although I did not have 1 symptom , no itching, burning, or whatever else is a__sociated with it(personally don't think I had anything, but she's the dr., I'm not....we know how wrong they can be). I treated it during my af and I feel fine and don't see anything. Then yesterday as I wiped (***TMI AHEAD**) this brownish looking buggery thing was present but that was it. I don't think it's a__sociated with Ov but wondering if anyone knows what that could be.


buffy2297 - June 1

Lady where in your cycle are you now? What cycle day? have you ovulated yet and if so when?


LadyD - June 2

I am on CD10 today. I can't figure out when I Ov . It's been ticking me off because I thought I had Ov bleeding during my last 2 cycles but apparently not because my luteal phase would be way too long, over 20 days and I think it's supposed to be 15. In April on CD10, I had the spotting and in May on CD16 I had the same spotting when I wipe. My cycle was 30 days in April and 40 in May when I usually have a 32 day cycle. Now I 'm screwed because I don't know how to tell because my cm was also present during these times. I'm not charting or temping or using opk's, at least not yet.


Susan K - June 2

Hey LadyD, I am in the same boat as you. I have a 32 or 33 day cycle. I don't chart at all. I tired it but it was too much work. We have one girl already and want another. I don't know when I ovulate exactly. Sometimes when I think it is on day 18 my af arrives early like cd 29. So, my hubby and I bd starting on day 8 or 10 every other day. Then as I approach day 12 or 14 we BD every day till cd 20. For our first one, I had know idea when I ovulated. My period was all over the place. Sometimes it would start on day 28 sometimes on day 42. We decided to bd for 3 weeks straight. Very tiring. But we got a bfp the next month.


LadyD - June 2

Thanks for sharing that with me, Susan. It's just a pain not knowing, or thinking you know but you really don't. I don't really have too much patience for the charting and temping and stuff. I don't think I will go that far until I feel I've been trying the old fashion way for a while longer. I bd'd on CD8 and last night, (middle of the night) so I guess CD10. On mymonthlycycles.com, it says I should Ov somewhere between June 8-12 ( I entered different luteal phase days just to see an approximation date being that I can't figure that out either...lol). I tried thinking back to when I was pg with my daughter and from what I calculate, my lutueal phase was 15 days, from what I understand that doesn't change.


LadyD - June 2

What's the latest you can ovulate?


LadyD - June 5




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