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shauna - May 11

So, here's my story...My last period was 4/10/06 and like normal, lasted 5 days. I am now 2 days late, and no usual signs that it's coming. Me and my fiancee had s_x on the 29th and 30th of April, and also on the 2nd of May. My nipples are extremely sore, My stomach has been kind of weird, I have not vomitted though. I have very nice skin, barely ever break out, even around af time, but my forehead is horrible lately. I just want to know what you all think, is there a good chance that I am preggo? Thanks! *~*Baby Dust to Ya'll!


Lin - May 11

Take a test! You're the only one who can determine whether or not you're pregnant!


LadyD - May 11

I say test and let us know! My last af was 4/14 ,ov'd around the same time as u, I don't have the symptoms that you do but when I was pg before, I didn't have any. Good luck!


shauna - May 11

what I really wanted to know was, do the dates match up?


staci - May 11

ok, do you know what cd you ovulate on? if you ovulated on cd 19 it is possible, but if you O'd before that and those days are the only days you had s_x then i'd say your chances are slim to none..let us know more if you can(o date etc..)


staci - May 11

i meant if you O'd on around the time you had s_x it is possible..which is a late O that can be causing you to be 2 days late or pg..


Lin - May 11

Well, the average person has a 28-day cycle and ovulates on cd 14, but everyone is different. If you ovulate after cd 14, then there's a chance.


shauna - May 11

when you count your cycle, do you start day 1 from the last day of your period, or the first?


Lin - May 11

Day 1 is the first day of your period.


Grandpa Viv - May 11

The dates don't match up too well. If you were due the 9th, ovulation would nromally have been April 25th, and even with a couple of days slippage, that does not quite hit it. Maybe O was later than usual this month for some reason. Late AF, nipples, upset gut, and acne are signs. Where are fatigue, peeing, and discharge? Take a test first pee Sunday morning and see if it casts any more light on the situation. Good luck!


shauna - May 12

Well, I was due the 10th, and I do have discharge, which usually around af I dry up, but nothing yet. I think I may have a bladder infection, and when I pee, I only go a little bit, even though it feels like I have to pee SO much! This is my third month off birthcontrol pills, so maybe my cycle is just not normal yet. thanks


meandmyself - May 12

shauna- please keep an eye out for bladder infection, as feeling like you need to go all the time while only urinating a bit is one of it's most obvious symptoms. Since the bladder is irritated in the case of an infection, as soon as it fills a bit, the urine irritates the bladder and gives you the sensation of needing to go. So keep a lookout for that, especially if accompanied by a burning sensation or blood. G'luck & baby dust!


Emma2 - May 12

Shauna def. sounds like UTI....



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