AF Due Today

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J. - October 26

Hey ladies....I'm due for AF today, anyone else? And if so, how do you feel? Has anyone had any symptoms they'd like to share with me because so far, no AF but no symptoms either. Does anyone know if having to use the bathroom for #2 is a sign/symptom???


J. - October 26



Hopen4baby - October 26

J.- My period is due today (or yesterday), but I have been having weird signs too. I keep thinking my period is starting, but then there is no sign of it when I go the bathroom. When I was pregnant before, having to go #2 was the primary sign of me being pregnant. This time I have all kinds of symptoms.


J. - October 26

Well at least you girls have something to go by. I don't feel any different. I have to wait it out because the day is still not over and it can still come tomorrow or whatever. It's just that I stopped the pill almost 4 months ago and my period has been completely "regular" from the first month I stopped. Right on the dot AF would come and I would start to feel it come even days prior. But this time, I feel nothing. Wish me luck ladies, baby dust to you all.


diane - October 26

I'm due to start today or tommorrow. I usually travel a little from month to month. Normally I would just let it go and not think (day dream) about being pregnant but I've had some different changes in my body this go around. About 2 two weeks ago I started having these odd little tuggings in my right side and then last Sat. my back ached, but only in the right side. My nips were also SUPER sensitive and now they itch like crazy. I've got cysts in my b___sts so there usually sore right before I start anyway, but not like this. And not to gross anyone out I have a creamy cm which is odd for me. I also feel so bloated today. I took a hpt which came out - today, but I've read that it takes some women longer for a hpt to come up positive so I've just decided to wait and see what happens (or hopefully what dosen't) happen. Have any of you had symptoms like this? I would appreciate the support. My best friend is getting tired I'm sure of hearing me obsess esp. since she doesn't want children. My hubby and I have been ttc for about 4 months now.



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