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brooks - January 7

i was wondering what does bbt do just before ovulation? and also what does cm do after you ovulate? does it stay clear and stretchy for awhile? i know if it stays that way for 18 days its a good sign but when should it start going back to normal if not pregnant? i have alot of cm right now and have had it since 1/4 , i ovulated either lastnight or today and was just wondering what to expect either way. i had cm last month but this month i have alot!! thank AF is due 1/21-1/22


brooks - January 7

thank you for taking time to read.


jb - January 7



meme - January 8

guess no one can help!!!


ha ha - January 8

hey brooks it looks to me like you need to go someplace else with all your questions . we cant help you


brooks - January 8

what the hell?


bumping - January 8

bump again


dee - January 8

i guess no one wants to help you brooks.maybe no one knows the answers your looking for. i dont. good luck though.


kat - January 8

brooks ask this question again but in the t_tle ask grampa viv to help as she knows alot,wish i could be of some help,good luck!


Grandpa Viv - January 8

BBT is like the stock market. By the time it moves it's too late to do anything about it. It reaches a low before taking its jump. CM should start to dry up after ovulation. The 18 day piece is how long BBT stays elevated to be a good sign. BBT takes a drop in the day or two before menstruation. The CM you are currently experiencing is saying NOW, baby NOW. Don't wait until you ovulate for s_x. The day before has the highest chance. Start having s_x every other day when CM first shows up.


brooks - January 8

thanks grandpa viv i did AI on 1/4 1/5 (twice) 1/6 ,1/7 and i hope i did it enough we had 6 vials !!! i know only 1 or 2 is needed but we wanted extra. thank you anymore info would be appreciated. i need more info on cm and cervix position



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