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jake - September 23

hi i just wondered if u could help, i think i might be pregnant but not to sure i have a really dull ache in my back constantly and feel really tierd all the time and get out of breath really easily, i have felt sick this morning but not for long, me and my partner are trying for a baby but have only just started, can it happen this quickly? i hope u can help thanks for reading this


Mal - September 23

Jake... some of your symptoms sound af late? Yes, it can happen that quick because I quit taking my birth control about a month and a half ago and got a BFP last night so it is very possible. If af is late, I would definitely test!!


Alyssa - September 23

I went off BC 2 months ago and was pregnant the first month (but m/c) now this is our second month ttc and I got my BFP 2 days ago! My symptoms that relate to yours is out of breath! I can't do anything without feeling like I just ran a mile or something. I have also had minor back pain.


Mal - September 23

Alyssa...What caused your mc? I am kind of worried now because this is my first month off of bc and I am pregnant...found out yesterday.


jake - September 23

hi sorry to hear about your m/c i am due to have my period on the 3rd of oct, i done a test the other day but it came out neg i think i might have done it too early i am also having to go to the toilrt alot more than i usually do


jake - September 24

hi this morning i am feeling a little bit sick and my back is really sore, my b___sts arent that sore but hurt little am i pregnant or is it all in my mind?


jake - September 25

hi this morn i feel tierd and a little bit sick my b___bs dont really hurt but are a bit tender, i havent had any discharge, or anything i took another test yesterday but i think it still might be too early please let me know what u think


jake - September 25

also my stomach is tender and swollen a bit like i do when im due to come on my period im not due till the 3rd of oct though


K_UK - September 25

hi jake, just a thought, did you come off birth control recently?? it can throw our bodies out of sync for a while!! if not then perhaps you should make an appt with the doc, dont say u think you might b pg, just explain your symptoms and see what they say, good luck :o)


jake - September 26

hi today i feel perfectly normal a little sick but normal still feel swollen up though my discharge (sorry) is a sticky yellowy brownish colour any ideas



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