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kristi77 - February 1

Hi, I had a miscarriage in Oct. 06. I've waited my two months to start again. I did the ovulation kit and had s_x during the week I was ovulating. I am 6 days late from my period. I have all the signs, tired, nausea, moodiness and NO PERIOD!! But I've taken 3 hpt test and all negative. Am I pregnant or not? I dont' know what to do...any advice??


jessicaspatherapist - February 1

has your cycle been back to normal since your miscarriage?


kristi77 - February 1

I had two months of 32 days each. The 32nd day would of been Jan. 26th. Is this to soon to be trying? Can I start trying again not knowing if I am in this month? Should I try the ovulation kit to see if I ovulate this month? I know so many questions but I'm so confused


kristi77 - February 1

Oh.. and I always went 32 days before the last pregnancy too.


socalmom - February 1

how far along where you when you tested positive with the first pregnancy? So sorry for your loss. I think if your cycles regulated you should be ok to conceive. Good Luck!


kristi77 - February 1

I found out very early. I took a test one day after I missed my period. When I went in for an ultrasound (cause the doc thought I might of been further along due to issues the month before) the egg hadn't implanted yet. That's how early I was. I was 4wks my next ultrasound. I'm high risk so they wanted to keep a very good eye on everything.


socalmom - February 1

hummm... I would try to test again tomorrow with FMU and if a BFN then call the dr since you would be a week late and see if they want to see you, since you are high risk. Take care and good luck!


kristi77 - February 2

What is a FMU? And a BFN? I'm sorry I'm new at all of this. Thanks


frozenfeet - February 2

FMU = first morning urine, BFN = big fat negative, BFP = big fat positive, AF = auntie flow, DPO = days past ovulation, CD = cycle day. There are many more, you can go to w w w . and there is a dictionary in the upper left hand of the screen that will help you with all the abbreviations....good luck!!!


kristi77 - February 3

I took a test this morning and it was negative. I'm going to do one more on Monday morning then call me doctor. Thanks :)



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