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Syd - March 15

I know i've touched base on this before but I thought I had it figured out. I went off bc in the begining of dec. Didn't get my af till Feb. 2nd. ( didn't think much about it cause they say it takes awhile to come back then should be normal) Now I have not had af again 41 days so far. Does anyone know if this is normal. It's getting annoying trying to conceive when everthing is just out of wack.


Lin - March 15

I'm not so sure it's normal, per se, but I don't think it's abnormal either. Were your periods regular before the pill? Have you taken a test? I'd say to wait for your period this time. If you miss your next period (i.e. hit day 60ish) or if it happens again, then see your doctor.


Elisabeth - March 15

I know how you feel. We went of bc in August, and my periods have been so irregular. It is so hard to know when you are ovulating when you don't know when your period is going to come. I would tell you that what you experincing is not unusual. If you're like me, you are just waiting for your body to get regular again. Hang in there!!!


Saird - March 15

My cycles since off the pill have been 38 days, 40 days, then 30 days....


Syd - March 15

Thanks so much for all your inputs. I did take a test last week and it was neg. I guess i'll just keep waiting, it just was starting concern me a little.


vivi - March 15

I stopped BC in august and didnt have af for 2 1/2 months then after medication got one. Then had regular af for 3 months. this month no sign of af and bfn too. Could BC play a role?


Syd - March 19

Hey guys, 45 days and still nothing. I tryed taking a dollar store test and at first nothing but after a bit you could see where the line belongs, wasn't sure if it was just cause it was cheap or what. I just don't get it. Is it normal to wait over 45 days for af to come or am I missing something. I just don't understand this no af thing. I knew that it would take awhile to first come back but now it's been longer than I waited before( untilfirst af after bcp). From 28 days till 45++. Just confused.



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