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Erin - March 7

Last Wed. I colostrum started coming out of my br___ts. It is mostly my left but I was able to squeeze some out of the right. af was supposed to come mon. took hpt on thurs. which was neg. started later that day. period usually lasts 6-7 days. as of yesterday only blood when i wiped. wore pantiliner just in case but nothing. i can still squeeze colostrum from my br___t. they seem huge and kind of hard. any one with adise please respond!!


?????????? - March 7

was wondering if ne one can give me sum advice.. my af was 4days late, boyfriend nand i had s_x at the right time, now af arrived, it was med flow for first day n lightish for the 5 days, have had a few stomach pains but nothing major, on the first day of af i felt so bloated i couldnt bend down n now i have like a achy feeling in my belly .... my usual af is never late n its normally heavy for the first 4-5 days n lte for the next two days.. should i b worried bout this af.. is it worth testing since i have af.. i had all the preggy signs 3weeks b4 af arrived.. still have most of them now


bump - March 7



chriss - March 7

???? - if you are not Erin and you would like others to respond to your post, you should start a new thread, people aren't really aware that your question exists. Now, there is a possibility that you may be pregnant and that the "period" that you just had, was not actually a period, but implantation bleeding. You should do another test considering you are still having symptoms. Good luck!!


Erin - March 7

Could implantation bleeding be that similar to a regular period?


??? - March 7

thats wat i wud like to know


?? - March 8



Erin again - March 8

ok, i am still getting colostrum from my b___sts. i took another hpt this morning but it was neg. Should I have waited to take a test is it too early?? My b___sts are not very sore but they feel much bigger and I am tired all of the time. Some1 help please!!



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